Google officially released the final version of Android 11 on September 8, 2020, by which point the Nokia 5.3 had already been out for six months. You may have expected it to get bumped up to the latest version soon rather than later, with it being an Android One device and all, but that’s only just happening now and it’ll be out of date again in around a month.

The Nokia 5.3 is a budget device, sure, but Nokia phones have usually been very quick to get updates as part of the Android One program. It sounds like the pandemic threw a spanner (or several) in the works for HMD’s Android update plans, and so the Android 11 rollout was pushed further and further back. The most recent roadmap had the Nokia 5.3 down for Q2 2021, so it’s even later than that. At least it’s finally here, and you can read more about it on the Nokia Community forum (via TechMesto).

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The first wave of locales to get the update are as follows: Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The new firmware will roll out in these places over the next few days, but if you live anywhere else, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. It’s said to weigh in at 1.67GB and include the June 2021 security patch.

This whole delay business is a shame because the Nokia 5.3 is regarded as one of the best ultra-low-cost phones you can buy. With Android 12 likely to be officially released next month, you have to hope that HMD can get its act together and deliver that version to its many phones in a more timely fashion.