The Pokemon Company Announces Two More Pokémon Squishmallow Plushies Adding to the Existing Ones Based on Pikachu and Gengar


The Pokemon Company has announced a new addition to the Squishmallow plushie collection. In a new Instagram reel, the makers of the iconic anime franchise confirmed that two new characters will be joining the collection, as part of Wave 2. The two characters in question are none other than Snorlax and Togepi.

Both Pokemon will join the Wave 1 characters of Pikachu and Gengar. The Wave 1 characters had a wide release earlier this month. Judging by the sales performance of the previous two entries, it seems like these new additions will be a hit among fans.

The Squishmallows collection for Pokemon first dropped in November 2022 on The Pokemon Center online stores. Following that, these plushies began selling in retailers like Walmart, Target and more in February 2023.

The first wave of Gen 1 characters sold out quickly on both online as well as retail stores. It’s highly likely that fans should expect to see an equal fanfare around the release of the soft toy of the Gen 1 Snorlax and the Gen 2 Togepi.

However, The Pokemon Company and Jazwares, the Squishmallow makers have not shared the launch date for the Wave 2 characters. Moreover, they also haven’t revealed the sizes of the upcoming Squishmallow plushies. Right now, we can only guess that they’ll range from the 5-inch minis to the humongous 20-inch variants like the Wave 1 pocket monsters.

At the moment, the listings for Wave 1 Squishmallows like Pikachu are seen on Amazon India. However, they are unavailable for purchase right now.

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