The Real-World Victims of Netflix’s Squid Game – IGN The Fix: Entertainment


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The Real-World Victims of Netflix’s Squid Game – IGN The Fix: EntertainmentThe Real-World Victims of Netflix's Squid Game – IGN The Fix: Entertainment
From the Squid Game Netflix Tik Tok compilation videos to Squid Game breakdown and Squid Game ending explained videos, Netflix’s Squid Game has taken over the world and has become one of Netflix’s most popular shows. Trending across social media, Netflix’s Squid Game has seemingly had some real world implications for a couple of Korean citizens. The Squid Game has become so popular, there’s a Roblox Squid Game. It all started during a few scenes in the first and second episodes of Squid Game where players were ordered to call a specific phone number to confirm their participation in the competition. Speaking with SBS News, a woman by the name of Kim Gil Young spoke about the countless prank calls she was receiving based on it making an appearance in an episode of #SquidGame on #Netflix. Squid Game season 1 is a smash hit for Netflix, but the prank callers are taking it to the next level. A South Korean man was also bombarded with thousands of phone calls after his digits popped up in an episode of Squid Game. According to Insight Korea, Netflix and Siren Pictures are aware of these issues and are trying to contact the victims of this real-life Squid Game situation. This whole situation brings new meaning to Squid Game, Red Light, Green Light. In other Squid Game news, SK Broadband has sued Netflix to pay for all the increased network traffic they’ve been receiving, due to the recent surge of viewers coming from Squid Game. This has led to more maintenance work on the internet service provider’s end. And finally, Scarlett Johansson and Disney have finally settled on a deal regarding the Black Widow lawsuit. All this in today’s episode of #IGN The Fix: Entertainment with Akeem Lawanson!

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