The Untold Truth: Snax Opens Up About Disbandment of Team IND

In a recent livestream, former esports athlete Raj “Snax” Varma, known for his stint in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports, opened up about the true reasons behind his departure from the then-renowned Team IND.

At the time of its disbandment in 2021, Team IND was considered one of India’s most popular and successful esports teams. The team participated in major tournaments such as PUBG Mobile World League 2020: East, PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global Finals, and PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global Finals and some of its notable achievements include winning Skyesports Grand Slam: PUBGM Invitational and securing second place in PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: India.

Here’s what Snax said on stream.

Former Team IND Player Snax Reveals True Reasons Behind Disbandment

Team IND’s lineup comprised Raj “Snax” Varma, Kanishk “Slayer” Shah, Samir “Kratos” Choubey, Daljit “Daljitsk” Singh, and the prominent player Tanmay “Scout” Singh, who played a pivotal role in the BGMI esports scene. However, Snax claimed during his livestream that the primary factor contributing to the team’s disbandment was the organization’s failure to fulfill its financial obligations.

According to him, the players had allegedly experienced a prolonged delay in receiving their payments for around six to eight months. Snax revealed that despite waiting patiently, the players were not paid the pending payments, and hence they decided to pursue different paths. He further said that it was impossible for the old IND to return.

Snax claimed, “The organization (Team IND) had stopped all the payments. The payment is still not received. The players played for free for six to eight months. We (the players) later left the organization and even disbanded the team.

Following the disbandment, Slayer joined Global Esports, while Kratos, Snax, and Daljitsk joined Velocity Gaming for its BGMI Lineup. Scout later joined Fnatic and then formed his own team Team XSpark. Snax later left Velocity Gaming to join Team XO, and following this, he took a break from the competitive game and shifted his focus to streaming and content creation. Snax is currently a part of S8UL Esports.

Snax recently shared with his fans to make a comeback to competitive BGMI before undergoing an operation in December. Hyderabad Hydras’ BGMI coach Nishant “iFlicks” Murlidharan hinted at the addition of a former Team IND player to the Hyderabad Hydras lineup. This in the community that Snax could be the player in question. 

Meanwhile, Kratos transitioned to playing New State Mobile and is currently representing Velocity Gaming’s New State lineup. Daljitsk, after leaving Velocity Gaming, joined Team Enigma Forever and participated in the prestigious BGMI Masters Series. At this tournament, he secured a fourth-place finish along with the team. Daljitsk continues to be an integral part of Team Enigma Forever.

As the rumored BGIS Season 2 looms on the horizon, fans are eagerly anticipating the announcement of the players’ next moves. Only time will tell if the former Team IND players will ever reunite under a different name in the future.