The Valley Hoon Surprised at Indonesia MLBB Server Having Less Toxicity

The Valley Hoon Surprised at Indonesia MLBB Server Having Less Toxicity

Hoon shares his first-hand experience playing on the Indonesian MLBB server

Most of The Valley’s members have experience playing on multiple servers. Players like   travelled to both the Philippines (PH) and Indonesia (ID) as part of their training back when they were still under BloodThirstyKings (BTK). 

Peter “Basic” Lozano also played in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) PH, making him one of The Valley’s experienced players who competed in an official MLBB pro league.

The squad’s Korean player, Hoon, has plenty of experience in other mobile esports titles. However, he didn’t get the chance to play on the Indonesian server of MLBB until he joined The Valley which secured a spot in the M4 World Championship.

Through a live stream, Hoon shared his experience playing on one of the strongest and most competitive servers in the game.

“For a week guys, I haven’t seen a single troller. Like, a person that actually INTS [Intensional Feeding], like, pick random heroes and troll, take your buff, and run it down,” said The Valley’s Mid Laner.

He did admit that there are players who showed a lackluster performance, but players were far friendlier and less toxic than he anticipated.

“They could be a little underperforming but there are no toxic people,” explained Hoon.

He also mentioned that people often tell him that the Asia server is filled with toxic people. However, it somehow wasn’t the case for him when he played on the Indonesian MLBB server.

“I’ve never seen a single troller, there wasn’t a single trashtalker,” said Hoon.

Due to his positive first impression, Hoon expressed his enjoyment in playing on the server.

“I love it here [Indonesia], screw NA [North America server],” stated Hoon.


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