Home Apps This new live wallpaper tracks your app usage in real time

This new live wallpaper tracks your app usage in real time

This new live wallpaper tracks your app usage in real time

OnePlus recently put in more resources towards software development, but unfortunately, it isn’t for what you might hope. These efforts, by the OneLabs team, are directed towards creating resourceful apps and experiences, the first of which we saw a couple of weeks ago — a cross-platform clipboard tool. The team’s most recent attempt involves a live wallpaper app that visualizes your phone usage data.

Android already allows you to analyze your smartphone usage patterns via Digital Wellbeing, but the deep dive in settings required to access it might be a hurdle for some. This is where OnePlus says WellPaper comes in — could the name be more on the nose?

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The live wallpaper automatically categorizes your apps into six different categories: social, lifestyle and communication, entertainment, gaming, information and business, and tools. Each category has a color to go, and the wallpaper uses these colors to show which apps you’re using the most. There are three layouts to choose from currently, so suit yourself.

If you’re worried about the wallpaper consuming a lot of battery, OnePlus says you needn’t worry. It only refreshes when you unlock the phone.

WellPaper is available to download on the Google Play Store for devices running Android 7.0 and above.


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