Thriving Beyond BGMI: Revenant Esports CEO Highlights the Importance of Diversification

In a conversation with Mukesh Babu and Prateek Yadav from a new podcast about gaming and esports titled “Level Up,” Revenant Esports founder and CEO Rohit Jagasia talked about his journey at Revenant Esports. Revenant Esports is an Organisation with teams competing in various titles such as Valorant, Brawl Stars, Pokémon Unite, and Call of Duty Mobile(CODM).

Jagasia discuss the importance of diversification in the context of the withdrawal of Battleground’s Mobile India (BGMI). They agree that businesses should not rely solely on one client or game. Jagasia explained how Revenant Esports benefited from diversification as it had squads in multiple game titles, including Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM), which helped them survive when BGMI was removed.

Jagasia also explained that even if BGMI makes a comeback, it won’t immediately regain its previous prominence, but with audience support and active team participation, it can eventually reach similar heights again.

Jagasia Shares his insight on BGMI and its comeback.

When asked about the first-hand effect of Battleground’s Mobile India (BGMI) being withdrawn, Jagasia stated that it highlighted the importance of diversification. “I think what I have learned even at my family businesses is that your business should be indispensable regardless of one probable client or one game in this case,” he said.

Jagasia mentioned that while diversification had its risks attached, it had saved Revenant Esports when BGMI was pulled off the market. With squads in various titles performing and earning the name of Revenant Esports, it did not have to rely on a single game title. He claims that Revenant India was built up from the ground thanks to Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM).

Jagasia expressed that even if BGMI were to make a comeback, it would not regain its previous extensive prominence, at least not right away. “I think there are two times when it did exist in the ecosystem it didn’t start with at its peak. The audience helped the publisher build it and the teams also participated actively. It’s obviously now going to start where it left but eventually, I think you’ll get there,” he said.

Revenant Esports and its Future Regarding Content Creators.

Jagasia also mentioned that Revenant Esports does not plan on hiring any content creators just for the sake of hiring them. He wants a marquee name to be onboard. Moreover, he feels they are not a talent management agency but a team primarily focusing on the competitive side. “We want to be known as an esports team rather than a content creator group,” he said.

“I think once I get this whole, you know, a portion of the business sorted, that’s when you know, I can start focusing on getting a creator on board, but something that we’ll be doing is that, We going to build a lot of content IPs, where we will create esports content with our athletes,” he added.

The podcast also delved into a wide range of topics, including the formula for Revenant India’s success, the ongoing debate between content and esports, and a plethora of other engaging subjects. Fans can tune into the podcast on Level Up’s official YouTube channel.