ThunderTalk Gaming Wins Wild Rift 2022 LPL Qualifier


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ThunderTalk Gaming claims the championship title in the League of Legends (LoL): Wild Rift 2022 LoL Professional League Qualifier (LPL). This was a big achievement for the team as it managed to take down the fan-favorite team, Oh My God (OMG) Esports, despite dropping from the lower brackets of the playoffs stage. ThunderTalk Gaming went home with the ¥500,000 ($77,500 USD) prize money while OMG Esports settled with the runner-up prize of ¥200,000 ($40,000 USD). The crowned champion also earned a ticket to participate alongside the , Da Kun Gaming, in the upcoming Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021.

Thunder Gaming secures a spot in the first Wild Rift International Esports Event

The Chinese Wild Rift team, ThunderTalk Gaming did the unexpected and dominated the fan-favorite OMG Esports in the grand finals of the Wild Rift 2022 LPL Qualifier with a clean sweep score of 4-0. Fans and players were amazed as OMG Esports was considered unstoppable with only a few teams managing to take them down in the qualifiers. Meanwhile, ThunderTalk Gaming had to crawl their way back to the grand finals after being dropped from the upper bracket by OMG Esports themselves. Many viewers watched in awe as they witnessed ThunderTalk Gaming’s solid comeback.

The match concluded with ThunderTalk Gaming claiming the championship title while OMG Esports settled for the 1st runner-up position. Royal Never Gave up was the 2nd runner-up followed by EDward Gaming in the 3rd runner-up spot.

ThunderTalk Gaming was first established on 26th July 2021, merely four days before the LPL Warm-up Cup started. The team is still fresh, with only the two tournaments under its belt. The team finished 13-14th place in the LPL Warm-up Cup but redeemed itself in the Wild Rift 2022 LPL Qualifier by securing the championship title.

The team is composed of the following players;

  • Zhang “Mor” Hongwei – Baron Lane

  • Zhou “Z” Tianjian – Baron Lane

  • Pan “once” Han – Jungle Lane

  • Peng “feibai” Wenchao – Midlane

  • Wang “Soil” Han – Dragon Lane

  • Su “smy” Mingyou – Support

  • Lin “Chen” Zhe – Coach

Aside from the championship title and the prize money, ThunderTalk Gaming will also be joining Da Kun Gaming to represent China in the upcoming Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021. The team is currently the sixth participant confirmed to compete in the Wild Rift international event.

It will be interesting to see how ThunderTalk Gaming will hold up against the top teams from different regions around the world in the upcoming Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021.

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