Home Apps TicWatch 3 Pro LTE is getting a double-stuffed update

TicWatch 3 Pro LTE is getting a double-stuffed update

TicWatch 3 Pro LTE is getting a double-stuffed update

We’ve already praised the TicWatch 3 Pro as being one of the only Wear OS watches worth buying today, but what about its LTE-equipped cousin? Mobvoi released a cellular version of its newest watch late last year in the UK, Germany, and Spain for staying connected on the go without a phone. That variant wasn’t included in last week’s software update, but luckily, TicWatch 3 Pro LTE owners didn’t have to wait long for a new patch of their own.

Although Mobvoi’s LTE watch has been lagging behind the GPS-only version in software support, this new update looks to rectify that. The latest patch includes all of the features from February’s update for the TicWatch 3 Pro, including improved tilt-to-wake speed, notification sounds, and faster pairing with Android devices. That’s in addition to all of the improvements issued last week, like upgraded theater mode and weather tiles, enhanced screen brightness layouts, and March’s security patch. Mobvoi also added some LTE-exclusive bug fixes for issues with Vodafone’s eSIM and the phone app.

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You can find the full patch notes in TicWatch’s private Facebook group, or you can check out the screenshots above if you aren’t a member. This software has been long-awaited by LTE owners, and you won’t have to wait much longer to grab it for yourself. Mobvoi began pushing out the update to users in a limited release yesterday, which should be available to everyone within the coming days.

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