Tips for Clearing Apartments in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has taken the gaming world by storm, offering intense battle royale experiences that challenge players’ tactical skills. One of the crucial aspects of BGMI is efficiently clearing apartments. These multi-story structures often hold valuable loot and provide strategic vantage points. In this article, we will look into clearing apartments, offering tips and strategies to help you navigate these high-risk areas and come out on top.

Key Strategies for Clearing Apartment in BGMI

1. Assessing the Situation

Prior to infiltrating the apartment complex, it’s crucial to evaluate the situation and assess the surroundings. Analyze the trajectory of the plane and estimate the number of players who may have landed nearby. Stay vigilant for any open doors or indications of recent activity, as this could indicate the presence of enemies. Conducting this initial assessment will enable you to strategize your approach and minimize any unexpected encounters. Prioritize gathering firearms, ammunition, protective gear, and medical resources before reaching the apartments.

2. Teamwork and Communication

To relay information rapidly, employ voice chat or in-game communication tools. In a squad setting, engage in discussions with your teammates to determine the best approach, distribute tasks, and establish a well-defined plan for the assault. Responsibilities should be assigned accordingly, such as breaching, maintaining sight on specific areas, and identifying enemy positions within the game.

3. Entry Points and Stacking

When clearing apartments in BGMI, it is important to consider the various entry points available, such as doors, balconies, and windows. Exercise caution when entering, as enemies may be inside, waiting for an opportunity to engage. To catch opponents off guard, choose an access location that is less commonly used or expected. Avoid predictable entrances like the front door in BGMI. Instead, look for alternative access points that provide a clear view of the interior, such as windows or balconies. Keep in mind that some entry points may offer more stealth and discretion.

4. Clearing Rooms

Once inside the apartment, exercise caution and systematically clear each room. Start with the ground floor and progress upwards. Utilize the lean function to peek around corners, minimizing exposure to potential threats safely. Maintain effective communication with your team by promptly sharing enemy positions and any loot discoveries to ensure situational awareness. When entering a room, thoroughly check nearby corners before venturing further into the area. Prioritize checking both left and right corners to minimize the risk of being caught off guard in BGMI.

5. Grenades and Strategic Adaptation

Grenades are incredibly valuable tools when it comes to clearing apartments. Frag grenades serve multiple purposes, allowing you to clear rooms or flush out enemies hiding behind cover. On the other hand, smoke grenades can create temporary concealment, providing you and your team with the opportunity for safe movement or reviving fallen teammates. Strategic use of grenades can give you a significant advantage in apartment encounters, disorienting the enemy and giving you the upper hand. Pay close attention to audio cues, such as footsteps, to help you identify enemy positions above or below you.

6. Utilizing Apartments as Strategic Defensive Positions

Once you have successfully cleared an apartment, it is worth considering using it as a defensive position. Utilize windows and balconies to maintain a strategic advantage over nearby opponents. By controlling the high ground and maintaining a strong defensive position, you increase your chances of survival. While using an apartment as a defensive position can be advantageous, be mindful of your surroundings and adapt your strategy accordingly. Keep an eye on the zone’s movement and ensure that you maintain mobility when necessary.