TNC Pro Team Dedicates MPL PH Season 9 Run To Its Bedridden Coach

TNC Pro Team continues to dominate after a grueling match against Blacklist International in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9. Despite Blacklist International’s best efforts for securing a win, TNC Pro Team’s team chemistry and drafting capabilities proved too much for the defending champions. In the post-match interview, TNC Pro Team revealed that this dominant run in the MPL PH Season 9 is dedicated to its coach who is currently hospitalized due to a type of Tuberculosis. The team is currently at the top of the leaderboards, surpassing the super team of this season, ECHO.

TNC Pro Team turned the tides against Blacklist International

Blacklist International had the upper hand in the first game. However, the defending champions could not finish the game early due to the continuous Lord steals from Daniel “SDzyz” Chu, providing more breathing room for TNC Pro Team. With the valiant attempt from Dexstar “Dex Star” Louise Cruz Alaba’s Lolita to protect the Filipino sniper, Kiel “OHEB” Calvin Q. Soriano with Blacklist International was able to close the game with a victory within the 23-minute mark.

TNC Pro Team refused to be swept by the defending champions. Jomearie “Escalera” Delos Santos’s Yve made sure that every teamfight went in favor of TNC Pro Team despite Blacklist International fielding a Pharsa who can also take control of team fights. OHEB went for a nostalgia pick with his Miya with Dex Star taking the Rafaela to provide utility for his team. However, the defending champion’s team composition was not enough to turn the tides in its favor, closing the match in favor of TNC Pro Team and opening a deciding round.

Blacklist International failed to keep up with TNC Pro Team’s momentum in the final game. OHEB’s Kimmy could not farm efficiently while Dex Star’s Hilda barely made any contribution to team fights. Ben “Benthings” Maglaque’s Lolita delivered accurate stuns which opened up a lot of chances for TNC Pro Team to dominate team fights. This allowed TNC Pro Team to completely dominate the final round and finish the match with a 2-1 victory.

TNC Pro Team dedicates their dominant run to Coach V

In the post-match interview, TNC Pro Team dedicated this season to its coach Vrendon “Coach V” Lin. The coach is currently hospitalized and has been diagnosed with a type of Tuberculosis known as Pott’s Disease.

According to the team’s mid laner, Jomearie “Escalera” Delos Santos, despite being hospitalized, the coach is still doing his part in the team and has been involved in the team’s drafting and strategies.

“He (Coach V) helped us, like the Diggie and Odetter (combo) he suggested it so we tried it but we couldn’t execute it properly, maybe we should polish that lineup first,” said Escalera.

When asked about Coach V’s health condition, Escalera answered that the coach is recovering and that he may still be able to walk after recovering from his condition.

“Right now, he’s still in the hospital recovering. He still can’t walk but the doctor said he can still recover, he can still walk once he’s recovered,” the TNC Pro Team mid laner said.

Due to ECHO’s recent defeat against Bren Esports, TNC Pro Team is currently at the top spot on the leaderboards. The team is looking to keep its momentum going and secure a playoffs spot in the MPL PH Season 9.

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