Todak Releases Entire Mobile Legends Roster

Todak, one of the most iconic Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) teams, recently bid farewell to its entire roster, marking the end of an era. The Malaysian team has become synonymous with consistency, always present on the global stage since the inaugural M-World Championship series. What sets Todak apart is its propensity for unpredictability, often surprising opponents with unconventional hero picks in prestigious tournaments. Although the team is currently without active members, the organization has taken the proactive step of initiating a recruitment drive in anticipation of the Mobile Legends Professional League Malaysia (MPL MY) Season 12. 

Todak to make major overhauls to its roster for MPL MY Season 12

Following its 5th – 8th place finish in the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023, Todak appears to be considering a complete reset, intending to rebuild its roster from the ground up. In an Instagram post, the team reflects on their triumphs and trials throughout the MPL MY Season 11.

“For the first time, the Todak team took imported players from the Philippines, namely Malik, Karl and Lawtrick, and a local player, Flint, with a new mission and goal throughout the 11th MPL season,” the post’s caption reads.

“After seven weeks have passed, all the efforts and challenges faced by them have been worth it after being crowned MPLMY champions for the 11th season and winning 3 times.”

While Todak acknowledges the bittersweet memories, it expressed its sadness in bidding farewell to the departing players, assuring that their contributions will always be cherished. However, the team is determined to forge ahead, planning new changes and strategies for the future.

“Although this is a sweet memory for Todak team, we are still sad that some team members had to leave us. Their service will not be forgotten. But the fight still needs to continue and the Todak Team will make new changes and plans in the near future,” captioned Todak.

The path ahead is not without challenges, but with a legacy built on consistency and innovation, Todak’s spirit remains indomitable. As the organization gears up for the MPL MY Season 12, the team is poised to reclaim its position at the forefront of the Mobile Legends esports scene and aims to participate in the upcoming M5 World Championship.