Top 5 ARs With Loadouts in COD: Mobile to Dominate Ranked

With the developers focusing so much attention on the AR (assault rifle) class with the past few updates, it seems like 2023 is going to be a year for the rifle lovers. After years, the AR meta is back and players need to be swift to master these guns and dominate the multiplayer lobbies. This article aims to help you in your AR mastery journey by providing you the best choices in the game along with the loadouts. 


The HVK stands out from the crowd primarily because of its Large Caliber Ammo. This powerful assault rifle excels in mid-range combat when equipped with this magazine. To optimize its performance, focus on stability and accuracy enhancements. However, due to its relatively small magazine size, it is not advisable to rely on this gun in situations where you are outnumbered or during aggressive run-and-gun playstyles.


An OG assault rifle that has maintained its dominance, the AK117 is known for its exceptional fire rate and time to kill in mid-range engagements. For optimal performance, it is recommended to use a semi-fast build, prioritizing movement speed while not compromising stability. Equipping a barrel attachment that increases range and stability is a wise choice, or vice versa. And don’t forget to put on the monolithic suppressor for cross mapping your enemies.

Krig 6

Don’t bother with this gun if you don’t have the mythic on. However, if you do, you already know that the superior bullet speed is going to win you any fight if you are able to handle the aim-shake. Also, this is the only AR in the list that can give SMGs a run for their money in crosshair accuracy. 

LK 24

After the developers poured all their love on this once forgotten long-range rifle, it has now become the ultimate gun choice for beginners and pros alike. It is the most stable assault rifle you will find on this list. It comes with high damage and benefits from a headshot multiplier, coupled with an incredible range that compensates for its relatively slower rate of fire. The LK 24 is also renowned for its stability, allowing you to create hyper fast builds without experiencing substantial recoil. Adding range attachments will further enhance your ability to eliminate enemies with just three to four shots.

Kilo 141

The Kilo is a versatile assault rifle that combines the best aspects of its class. It strikes a balance between damage, mobility, and range, thus the recent buff made the already incredible assault rifle indomitable. However, it leans towards the more challenging side in terms of recoil control. Even experienced players will need to sacrifice mobility to manage its recoil effectively. This rifle is not recommended for beginners and don’t even bother to make it your main if you don’t own the mythic. However, throwing a red dot works just fine when you have the skills to maintain accuracy in long range.

In conclusion, when selecting an assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 5, consider your preferred playstyle and the strengths of each weapon. The HVK, AK117, Krig 6 (with the mythic variant), LK 24, and Kilo are all top contenders with their unique characteristics and advantages. Experiment with different attachments and find the assault rifle that suits your playstyle and storm the ranked leaderboards.