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Top 5 fraggers from PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022: League Group Green 


With teams from the PMGC Group Green at each other’s throats, the competition was quite intense in the group and kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. Players from all the squads gave their best performances, with some managing to carry their team to the finals.

A few players put up stellar performances that helped their team reach a respectable position in the overall standings. The four-day stage of the competition was held from November 17 to 20. GodLike Stalwart, Nova Esports, and Fire Flux from Group Green advanced to the PMGC Grand Finals.

Top 5 fraggers from PMGC Group Green

5) Kectch (Fire Flux Esports)

Turkish player’s Kectch from Fire Flux has some exceptional performances during the four matchdays. The team executed some skilled plays in the last few matches and jumped to third place in the overall leaderboard, thanks to their star Kectch. He bagged 36 eliminations while dealing a total damage of 9849 HP. He also secured 16 assists.

4) Fluketh (Vampire Esports)

Thai player Fluekth from Vampire Esports was in his usual form. He stepped up when his team needed him the most and got his squad out of many tight corners.

The team couldn’t directly make it to the PMGC Grand Finals, but Fluketh’s performance gave the squad a respectable position in the overall points table. After 24 matches, Fluketh ended up with 37 frags, a damage of 7556 HP, and 13 assists. The team will now compete in the Survival Stage starting on November 30.

3) Tixzy (HHVP)

Veteran Russian player from HHVP, Tixzy popped off during the first three days of the competition. On the back of his exceptional performance, HHVP dominated the lobby and held the top spot for the majority of the matches. The squad faltered towards the end and fell to the sixth spot. However, Tixzy managed to finish third on the top fraggers list as a result of his mind-boggling performances. In the end, he secured a total of 39 frags while dealing damage amounting to 8697 HP. He also finished with a decent 18 assists, helping his teammates out as well.

2) Top (GodLike Stalwart)

Mongolian player Top from GodLike Stalwart is in second place on the list. Top showcased his impressive skills in every single game, taking his team to the top spot in Group Green. Along with fellow teammate Action, Top decimated the lobby on multiple occasions, securing frags at crucial moments.

Top was also named the MVP in Group Green. Overall, he managed to secure 40 kills with a massive total damage of 13490 HP. He also has 13 assists to his name.

1) Order (Nova Esports)

Legendary veteran player Order from Nova Esports is touted as one of the greats in PUBG Mobile esports. Securing a whopping 50 kills in the tournament, Order helped his team take the second spot in the group and cruise to the PMGC Grand Finals. He also dealt a total damage of 9629 HP while assisting in nine eliminations.

Order has been nominated for the Esports Mobile Player of the Year at the 2022 Esports Awards.

Apart from these five players, Action from Stalwart also had a great showing, picking up 33 eliminations in 24 matches. His team struggled to keep up initially, but they bounced back during the last 12 matches.

Legendary superstar Paraboy from Nova did his job well, claiming 32 kills with consistent performances. His teammate and IGL Jimmy grabbed 31 frags in 24 games.

The third and last group for the competition is all set to begin tomorrow (November 24), with 16 teams competing for the three PMGC Grand slots.

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