Top 5 SMGs in COD Mobile With Loadouts

Top 5 SMGs in COD Mobile With Loadouts

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Mobile is about to hit the brakes in one week. So if you still haven’t landed the legendary badge yet, here are top 5 SMGs in the game that will help storm your way towards the top. We have also attached a loadout suggestions to bright out the best of these guns.

PP19 Bizon

We start our list with the Bizon. The high damage SMG received a nerf a couple of seasons ago but that hasn’t stopped ranked players to raid the respawn lobbies with this. There are two ways to go with this gun. Attach that high caliber ammo but then you have to adjust the range with a monolithic suppressor or a marksman barrel. However, it works just fine with a close-range build as well. If you are an OBJ (objective) player, the large magazine size will be there for you to handle outnumbered situations.


The Fennec needs no further introduction. Since the akimbo days, it has been a formidable choice among mobility players as nothing in the game comes close to its mind-boggling firing rate. And as it has been buffed for the time being, bring this to the fight whenever you are in mode for some fast-paced slaying. Remember to have a range built to cover for the lack of range and magazine size.


There’s not much left to say on the developers’ love affair with CBR that has been going on for two years straight. High mobility, incredible firing rate, large magazine size, formidable range along with no recoil, this gun has absolutely zero drawbacks. If you find a lobby where the enemy team is filled with CBR users, the only counter you have is CBR.


Even so, with the recent buffs, QQ9 has surpassed the CBR4 on the list due to its devastating damage in close range. Although the stopping power reload might be a good choice for lurkers, having the extended mag on will have you prepared for every scenario. Don’t forget to put the monolithic on for mid-range engagements.

Honorable Mention –  GKS

The one on the list that players might find surprising, GKS right now is one of the most versatile range-SMG in COD Mobile. It functions identically to the ICR-1, but with better mobility. Try this loadout in ranked now and be surprised.


The newest addition to the game might look like an average SMG, but players who have tested this gun know it currently has no close-range match in the game. It has all the great things of the above mentioned SMGs, however, it surpassed the rest with its unparalleled bullet velocity. This makes the gun record one of the lowest times to kill in the category. For everything else you need to know about the OTS, Ferg will help you out in the video below

This season will be reset in a matter of days and will be back with a new list for season 5. For more information on what’s coming in season 5, refer to our COD: Mobile library.


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