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Top 5 teams to watch out in PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 League Group Red


With the 2022 PMGC League getting closer day by day, there is growing excitement among fans all over the world for its first phase, the Group Stage, as it has three Grand Final slots for each group.

The Group Red’s matches will be held first from November 10 to 13, with 16 teams battling for three Grand Finals slots. The next eight teams will reach the Survival Stage, while the bottom five will be knocked out of the event.

PMGC Group Red Participants (Image via PUBG Mobile)
PMGC Group Red Participants (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Top five teams that could perform well in PMGC Group Red

5) Bigetron RA (Indonesia)

It is a big name in PUBG Mobile Esports as its team offered great gameplay in 2019 and 2020 and won many big titles. However, the team is not in the form it was known for two years back.

Although their superstar squad does not have the same roster that it was part of at the time, twin brothers and star players Zuxxy and Luxxy still play for the team.

Bigetron Red Aliens seal their spot in the PMGC League from the regional points. Apart from the brothers, Liquid, Misery, and GenFos are the members of the squad in the upcoming event.

The team will be hoping to retain their legacy and meet the expectations of fans by showcasing some amazing exploits in the competition.

4) Influence Chemin (Brazil)

The Brazilian squad has had stellar performances this year in their regional events as they clinched back-to-back Americas Championship. Apart from this, the side has put up exceptional gameplay in other events as well.

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Led by pro Law, the six-man squad features veteran players like Federal, Caiowski, Lilboy, and Gxlden. These players have been in PUBG Mobile Esports for a long time and have the ability to take control of any tournament.

Federal, Caiowski, and Gxlden were part of Loops Esports in the 2020 PMGC but due to unsportsmanlike behavior in the league, the team was disqualified from the event. These experienced players will aim to present their coordinated performances to claim the title.

3) LGD Gaming (China)

As Chinese teams have dominated PUBG Mobile Esports over the past three years, LGD Gaming has made it to the list and is expected to perform well in the event. While this is their first global event, the squad competes in the top-level Chinese event, PEL, so their players have a great deal of experience and the ability to play under high pressure.

LGD Gaming finished third in PEL Summer 2022 (Image via Tencent)
LGD Gaming finished third in PEL Summer 2022 (Image via Tencent)

The squad features star player ChengC, who was bought by the organization for a hefty transfer fee of $1.8 million. Suki and YZZ are also two famous prolific players who have performed brilliantly in their regional events.

2) The Infinity (Thailand)

The Thai squad has participated in several major PUBG Mobile events, having performed brilliantly in the past in global and regional competitions. This is the second time the team has qualified for the Global Championship as the side earned sixth place in the previous PMGC.

They claimed the PMPL SEA Championship Fall title after presenting one-sided dominance throughout the event. The team was also crowned champions of the PUBG Mobile Regional Clash, which included Chinese and SEA teams each.

1) Nigma Galaxy (Iraq – Saudi Arabia)

Nigma Galaxy had a consistent performance in the 2021 PMGC, claiming fifth and third spots in the League and the Grand Finals. The Iraqi squad has always impressed everyone with their controlled gameplay and steady performances over the past few years.

In August 2021, Saudi Arabia-based Galaxy Racers acquired Gunz Esports’ roster, who had set up extraordinary performances in many major competitions.

However, the team did not do well in the PMPL MENA Championship 2022 Fall as they came 12th in the overall standings. The team will once again try hard to be consistent in the $4 million mega event.

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