6 Best Money Earning Games & Apps: Earn Money By Playing

Top 6 Money Earning Games

Money Earning Games are infamous for scams and frauds. Most people believe you can not earn money. The perception is somewhere right. There are a lot of fake apps and websites which promise you to pay but end up not making you a fool.

All these incidents happen because of insufficient knowledge of the right apps and platforms.

Few apps help you earn money. We are going to talk about such apps and platforms in this article. Go through the list and beware of the authentic method to earn by online platforms.

All the apps and the platforms mentioned are genuine, but there is always going to be a condition. To earn, perform a certain tasks that will pay. Some apps pay you for the games while others pay for watching videos.

Don’t be under the illusion that you will earn for free. Also, the amount is going to be less. There is always going to be a task and activity which will let you earn money.

Some apps may ask you to advertise their product or the app may ask you to resell. Be ready for that. Without wasting time, let’s go through the list of apps!

6 Best Money Earning Games that you can use

Top 6 Money Earning Games
Money Earning Games

1. Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is one of those apps through which you can earn money by completing simple tasks like reading news, watching videos, installing other apps, playing games, completing the survey, and taking part in contests.

Apps also have options to earn by earning calories or by counting the number of steps you take too.

Roz Dhan is mine for the earning reward.

To earn rewards, download the app and create an account. Start by referring to your friends. Invite friends and complete simple tasks. Start today.

2. Moorish

You can earn through Moorish just by watching videos, completing the survey, and playing games.

To earn, you need to complete simple tasks and you will earn daily. Moorish pays in cash, voucher, and bitcoin currency.

Go to any play store and download the application. After creating an account, you start to watch videos and play games. It’s an easy and reliable method to build daily income sources.

Moorish is known for its incredible watching rewards. Along with that, Moocash also provides Google, iTunes, and amazon gift rewards.

There are several ways to earn through the app, download the app and try each one of them.

3. Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is a gaming platform introduced by Paytm. There are innumerable games to get started earning. Some of the popular games are Tic Tac, Howzat, and Swag Bucks. Pass the Bomb, Trivia Live, etc.

Paytm has a lot of games, pick the game that interests you. Learn how to play, improve in-game and earn real money.

Paytm rewards as cashback. Regular Paytm users will find this app more valuable than any other. Install the app and earn right now!

4. Dream 11

Are you a cricket fan? Are you good at planning and making a winning strategy? If so, then Dream 11 is your app. Download the app from the play store, create id and start earning.

Understanding a game takes a lot of effort, but once you excelled at the art, it would be much easier to earn.

Another option to earn is to refer. There are more chances to earn through referrals. A referral is far more simple than the actual game. There are two ways, you can choose whichever suits you better.

5. MPL

Top 6 Money Earning Games

Mobile Premier League, also known as MPL, is one of the easiest ways to earn money. Mpl is a game-based app in which you have to play tournaments and one-on-one battles.

If you won, the winning money will be yours and if you failed, then the amount spent on the game is going to be wasted.

Mpl is a genuine method. If you have gaming skills, then you can make a living out of it.

MPL also provides the option to earn by referring, if someone created an account with your code, then MPL will credit cash to your account. Application is 100% genuine, therefore, you can play and earn today.

6. Rummy Play

Rummy Play is one of the most trusted apps of all time. Players invest their money with hesitation because they trust money invested in the app is safe.

You should start with the Rummy Play if you are looking for safer options.

Rummy Play allows you to play your favorite rummy games. Play a game and as a reward, you will get real money.

Rummy requires the RS.2000 registration charge when you first register. After that game will not charge you a single penny. Apart from games, you can also earn by referring the game to friends and family.


You can visit any of these Money Earning Games to earn. Either you can pick any one app and grow in that app. This will help you earn in the long term. All the apps mentioned here are real. Therefore, you can go through any of these. Download the Money Earning Games and start earning today. If you found the blog useful, then don’t forget to share the blog with your friends and family.

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