TSM NinjaJOD Praises Sc0utOP For His Achievements


In a recent livestream, TSM FTX India’s professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Shubham “NinjaJOD” Ranjan Saho praised Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh for his achievements in the gaming industry and content creation. He talked about Sc0utOP’s struggle over the last few years, his accomplishments, and how far he has come in his journey. He later appealed to Sc0utOP and Naman “MortaL” Mathur’s haters to learn from them and appreciate their hard work instead of spreading hate.

NinjaJOD appeals to Sc0utOP’s haters to learn from him

NinjaJOD praised Sc0utOP’s struggle and all the hard work he has done over the past few years in his gaming journey, in a recent stream. “If you work hard on your game, you can achieve everything you want. Sc0utOP has achieved a lot of things with his hard work. He built a house for himself and got a luxury car for himself. That’s his struggle,” he said.

NinjaJOD told Sc0utOP’s haters that they could also achieve such things if they worked hard like him. He said, “Then there are you guys, always invested in spreading hate. If you guys also work hard like him, you can achieve such things too.” He added, “It is better to work on yourself, move ahead in life, and achieve something. That is what gives you happiness. That is life.”

NinjaJOD told the audience to see successful individuals from an optimistic viewpoint and leverage the opportunity to learn something from them. NinjaJOD said Sc0utOP and MortaL have become popular and successful over the last few years because of all the hard work they have put in. “Sc0utOP is way ahead of you. He has 4 million subscribers, and MortaL has 7 million. These people have earned these subscribers with their hard work,” he said. He added, “Try to learn something from them; that will help you. If you learn from them and work hard yourself, maybe you will get 1 million subscribers someday.”

NinjaJOD is continuing to stream BGMI on his YouTube channel. As the game is blocked in India, the professional player has not been spotted playing BGMI scrims for a long time.

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