TSMC: 3nm Node Enters Production Securing the Future of Next-Gen PC Gaming and High-End Smartphones

PC gamers can rest easy, as it has been confirmed that TSMC’s 3nm nodes are indeed coming in 2023. This information has been relayed to us through the company’s investors conference call (via anandtech). These nodes are being highly anticipated as they will take the performance of the graphics cards to the next level.

Through the conference call, we have understood that the company has made around $34 billion in net income for the year of 2022. Then we went on to learn about the TSMC 3nm (N3) node status from the company’s Chief Executive Officer, C.C. Wei.

TSMC 3nm enters production

Wei firstly confirmed that N3 has “successfully entered volume production” towards the end of 2022 as it was planned originally. They expect the performance for N3 to be smooth in 2023 powered by the demands in high-performance computing as well as smartphone applications.

Wei has also acknowledged that the “customer’s demand” for N3 is higher than their “ability to supply”. Due to that, they feel N3 will be “fully utilized in 2023”. As for the financial part of it, the company expects contributions towards revenue from the N3 to start from the third quarter of 2023. They also expect that N3 will provide more towards revenue in 2023 than the “N5 revenue in its fourth year 2020”.

What to expect from TSMC 3NM node

When compared to the 5nm node, the 3nm node consists of an extra full node stride. It also provides 30% power reduction, 15% speed improvement and 70% increase in logic density. This is great news as the N3 offers full compatibility for high-performance computing and mobile applications. Therefore, players can expect some next-gen gaming in the near future.


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