Twitter at Risk of Being Shut Down Due to Temporary Office Closure Following Mass Resignations

It seems like popular social media platform Twitter might be reaching the end of the line, just weeks after a multi-billion-dollar acquisition by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

Earlier today, Platformer’s Zoe Schiffer reported about Twitter closing down its office buildings following a large number of resignations, just days after the platform laid off several employees.

The mass exodus comes a day after Musk proposed his plans to revolutionize the platform by building Twitter 2.0, which would require higher level of participation from the employees in the company. The new CEO had served these employees with an ultimatum until 5 PM Thursday.

The ultimatum presented employees with a choice of either “Yes” or “No.” Those who chose the former would require spending longer hours in a platform, which will be ‘much more engineering driven’. Employees who select the latter option would be let go from the company with 3 months severance.

And judging by the looks of things, most of the employees have opted to stay away from the mess by selecting No. According to The Verge, several core teams have left the company, as they do not wish to be associated with Twitter 2.0. And without their services, the platform is at risk of breaking in the near future.


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