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Twitter: Fake Nintendo and Valve Accounts Show Up on Site as New ‘Official’ Grey Checkmark ‘Killed’ Hours After Launch


After Twitter confirmed it will add a new “official” non-paid grey verification checkmark to verify legitimate accounts from ones subscribed to Twitter Blue, the site has now completely scrapped the idea.

This has led to many getting the blue checkmarks by subscribing to Twitter Blue which costs $8 per month and changing their layouts to impersonate other accounts.

A verified account claiming to be Valve Software tweeted about a new competitive platform of some sort. The now-suspended account was of course not representing Valve, as its username was “@valvesotfware”. However, it may have successfully misled some people.

An account impersonating Nintendo of America also popped up, posting a picture of Mario flipping Twitter off and other such posts that went viral.

It remains to be seen what Twitter is going to do about this problem, as verified accounts are popping up all over the site, impersonating someone already established.

Twitter Blue has currently launched only in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Users can subscribe to the service using an iOS device. Elon Musk said earlier this month that Twitter Blue will roll out in India in less than a month.

The new “Official” grey checkmarks were added to some accounts, but then the identifier was “killed” by Musk. He has confirmed that the blue checkmark will be the “great leveler.”

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