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Tyler1 loses it after getting his first rank in Overwatch 2: “f**k you Blizzard” – Flizzyy


Published: 2022-10-28T13:12:42

Updated: 2022-10-28T13:12:51

After completing his ranked placements in Overwatch 2, Tyler1 lost it on stream after realizing he’d been placed lower than expected.

While some players in Overwatch 2 are satisfied with hopping into quick play and sticking to casual matches, others prefer a more competitive environment.

Luckily, OW2 has a Competitive mode that aims to pit players against opponents of a similar skill level and allow them to build up their rank over time.

However, to obtain their first spot on the ladder, competitors must play Ranked games until they win seven matches, or lose 20.

Well, popular streamer Tyler1 decided to finish his placements on stream, and it’s safe to say he wasn’t very happy with the rank Blizzard awarded him.

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 arrived on October 4, 2022.

Tyler1 rages after getting his rank in Overwatch 2: “sh**y game”

During his October 27 stream, Tyler1 completed his ranked placements for Overwatch 2 and was hopeful that he’d secure the Gold rank.

Before revealing his tier on the ladder, Tyler decided to say a few words in the hopes that it would improve his luck. First, he apologized to Blizzard, reassuring them that he’s a “good person” and if he’s happy with his rank, he’d play the game “forever”.

Unfortunately, this praise and hope was short-lived after it popped up on the screen that he’d been awarded the Silver 1 rank. Desperate for Gold, Tyler immediately slammed his desk and began screaming about how much he hates Overwatch 2.

“F**k, f**k you Blizzard, and this s****y a** game and this stupid a** Zarya… there’s no balance, the ranked is disgusting, I just wasted all my time.”

As Tyler had peaked in Gold previously, it’s obvious he wanted to start his Overwatch 2 journey where he’d finished in the original game.

However, multiple losses in a row and a rage quit ensured that he was placed in Silver, but despite his anger, it appears he’s going to continue playing OW2.

So, although Tyler is a relatively low rank at the moment, it’ll be interesting to see what positions he reaches in the coming months, or if he decides Overwatch isn’t for him.

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