Ubisoft Reportedly Has a PVP Battle Royale Game in Development

Ubisoft Reportedly Has a PVP Battle Royale Game in Development

It seems like battle royale is the way to go for any game that is trying to make a name for themselves in the market. Battle royale games allow the involvement of players at a large scale, the competition is tougher and winning is more satisfying. Ubisoft is a company that has been in the gaming industry since a very long time and has created iconic game titles over the years. This time they will be trying their hand at a PVP battle arena style game.

According to recent reports by Tom Henderson, Ubisoft will be pursuing a new IP, which will be focusing on PVP battle arena type game play. The game that is being developed has the codename of ‘Project Q’. This title will be Ubisoft’s approach towards battle royale style gameplay in a more modern and innovative style.

The game itself consists of unique styles of weapons, characters and powers that players will be able to try out. The weapons aren’t your normal bullet spewing machines, but everyday items such as hammers, fireworks, sticks, deck of cards and more. The characters are referred to as heroes and each hero has a unique ability that can be used to get an edge over the enemy in battle.

Project Q will consist of two game modes, Showdown and Battle Arena Mode. The Showdown mode is Ubisoft’s spinoff on Battle Royale, where 4 teams of two players each will battle it out to emerge victorious. The second mode, Battle Arena, will need two teams of 4 players each to capture certain areas in the game and gather points, the first to reach 100 points will be declared as the winner.

According to the reports, the players that have tested the game have been comparing it to the playstyle of Overwatch. The players have also mentioned that the game is in the beginning stage and there is a lot more to be developed before it can be showcased. Players should watch out for announcements from Ubisoft to learn more about Project Q.

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