Ultron Criticizes JokerOG for Public Post Over Game Rage Abuse Incident

Ultron Criticizes JokerOG for Public Post Over Game Rage Abuse Incident

The ongoing tier-one BGMI scrim is a gift that keeps on giving with another controversy currently brewing between Gourav “JokerOG” Joshi and Hemanth “Ultron” Sethi.

In one of the practice matches, JokerOG was able to take down Ultron after which he ended up hurling a few expletives against the former out of rage. This did not go down well for the captain of Team INS who ended up creating a public post on the same, expressing how he felt about the incident along with a few taunts.

In response to this, Ultron came up with his own reasoning which seemed morally skewed to an extent, splitting the audience following his statement on the matter.

Ultron points out that there was no need for JokerOG to post anything publicly in regard to the rage abuse incident

After one of the practice matches, Ultron ended up abusing JokerOG after he was taken down during a skirmish between the two. After the scrim session, JokerOG made a public post about it and this did not go down well with Ultron who made a statement of his own during a recent livestream.

Ultron says that he directly messaged JokerOG after he posted a long paragraph about the incident which according to him was no big deal. He questioned JokerOG’s intention behind this move and what he was trying to achieve from it.

“Has anything ever transpired out of online shitposting? You should have directly messaged or called me to express that you did not appreciate me abusing you or whatever it was. Posting things online does not make a difference,” said Ultron.

He further revealed that JokerOG did not respond to his message and tried to justify his game rage moment by saying everyone does it so there is absolutely no need to make a fuss about it via an online post.

“He also questioned in his post ‘where do I stand’, so I only stand where the game (BGMI) stands right now. In fact, everyone stands where the game stands, if the game is not there our standings do not matter in the BGMI competitive scene,” states Ultron, “When the competitive scene returns at that point in time we will see where one stands.”

Note: The related segment starts from 00:50 onwards.

Towards the end of his response, Ultron reiterates the fact that everyone rages in the game. So even if he abused while he was also streaming the match, the issue was not big enough to warrant a public rant.

“It was a bit senseless from your (JokerOG) side also, but it’s fine, sometimes the person in front does get hurt because even I said some bad things due to game rage. I hold no grudges about it, everything happened out of rage and is limited to the game. There is no use talking about such things outside of the game by making public posts about it,” concluded Ultron.

The matter seems to have sorted between the two players but do you agree with the reasoning provided by Ultron? Could he have better presented his statement to the public?


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