Ultron Sets the Record Straight: Clarifies His Relationship With 8Bit

Ultron Explains His Departure From TeamXSpark

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) might not be present in India at this point in time. However, players, teams, and organizations are still active behind the scenes, patiently awaiting the game’s return.

Recently, there was some confusion about whether Hemanth “Ultron” Sethi is still a part of 8Bit or not, after Vishwas “Juicy” Battoo had mentioned that he was not a part of the organization.

Providing clarification on this matter from his side, Ultron, during a recent livestream session, addressed the growing concern showcased by his followers while instructing Juicy not to joke around like this about such things.

Ultron clarifies if he is still a part of 8Bit or not

In a recent livestream, Ultron gave his official statement on the matter which had many confused across the regional mobile gaming community, clarifying that he is still very much a part of 8Bit and that all rumors were simply false.

Ultron directly asked Juicy if he had told his viewers about him not being a part of 8Bit and upon admittance said that “I am the most important and main part of 8Bit.”

When counter-questioned by Juicy as to why he was not playing with them since the last three weeks, if this was the case, Ultron brought up the point that BGMI was supposed to return three weeks ago and yet there was no news about it.

Juicy responded to this by simply saying that every team is affected by this but they were still sticking together and playing as a unit. To this, Ultron told him to relax and not take tension.

“Guys, this is just a joke and I am still officially with 8Bit and will continue to remain a part of it,” said Ultron, while telling Juicy not to joke around on things like this, “Such things get turned into highlights and then people see them, including the owners also at times.”

Note: The related segment starts from 02:24 onwards.

Most recently, Ultron has been seen competing along with Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh and his team in the BGMI tier-one scrims which has been at the center of a serious slot controversy, according to certain esports organizations.


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