Unlock the Free India Facepaint in Free Fire MAX: Step-By-Step Guide to Claim Your Reward

A brand-new event has arrived on the Free Fire MAX Indian server known as State Wars, captivating players who are eager to claim the top spots on the leaderboard. Adding to the excitement, Garena has introduced an extra opportunity within this event. An enticing chance awaits players in the Free Fire MAX event, granting them the chance to obtain the India Facepaint at no cost, enriching their collection of in-game cosmetics.

Acquiring the Free India Facepaint

This event commenced on 20th June and will remain active until 24th June 24. To partake, players must demonstrate their damage-dealing skills to unlock a variety of rewards, including the sought-after India Facepaint, Pet Food, and Vouchers. During this limited timeframe, participants must achieve specific damage thresholds in order to unlock rewards. 

Here are the outlined requirements and corresponding rewards for this event:

  • Inflict 2000 damage: Unlock a complimentary Pet Food.

  • Cause 10000 damage: Attain a free Gold Royale Voucher (valid until 31st July 2023).

  • Inflict 20000 damage: Secure a free India Facepaint or 3x Weapon Royale Voucher (valid until 31st July 2023).

The cumulative damage target of 20000 should pose no significant challenge, even for less experienced gamers, ensuring fairness for all participants.

No Restrictions: Optimal Mode Selection

Players are unrestricted in their selection of the game mode to fulfill the damage-dealing requirements. Opting for the Clash Squad mode is advisable as it offers multiple rounds per match, facilitating the attainment of higher damage output. Generally, players find it easier to achieve substantial damage in this mode.

Claiming the Free India Facepaint: Step-by-Step Procedure

To effortlessly claim the free India Facepaint in Free Fire MAX, adhere to the following straightforward steps:

Step 1: Launch your game account and engage in the preferred mode where you can inflict sufficient damage. The Clash Squad mode is often preferred as it lends itself to achieving higher damage levels compared to the Battle Royale mode. Progress can be tracked through the event interface.

Step 2: Access the events section and specifically select the State Wars option.

Step 3: Navigate through the event listings and choose the Free India Facepaint section.

Step 4: Finally, click the claim button to receive the designated items. If you already possess the India Facepaint, you may also claim the Weapon Royale Vouchers. Fulfilling the damage requirements can be accomplished swiftly within a few matches of Clash Squad.

What is State Wars in Free Fire Max?

In Free Fire MAX, the State Wars event is currently underway, urging players to select their preferred state and amass points by actively participating in Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes. Depending on their final rank, players will be rewarded with a range of enticing prizes, including the coveted Dino Suit (30 days) and the exclusive State Wars Champ top (30 days).