Valorant 6.05 update brings Gekko buddy bug fixes

The Valorant 6.05 update is finally upon us, and the popular FPS game’s latest agent, Gekko, is the target of most of the changes coming with this patch – well, his adorable little pal Wingman is.

In this round of Valorant patch notes, Gekko’s Wingman is set to receive improvements to its plant and defuse targeting, particularly in higher locations. This will hopefully help Wingman navigate its way around some of the more vertically-challenging Valorant maps. We’re looking at you, Icebox.

Certainly one of the more complex members of Gekko’s globular gang from a coding perspective, we’re sure, Wingman has had more than its fair share of bugs to contend with since Gekko’s release.

From Wingman not taking melee damage, to failing to trigger Cypher’s Trapwire, developer Riot Games has been busy adding extra polish to Gekko and co. It’s not just Wingman, either, with Mosh Pit, Dizzy, and Gekko himself all receiving some love.

While it’s too early to tell where Gekko will land in our Valorant tier list, we’re excited to see more of the Initiator as Riot continues to make those final tweaks.