Valorant Agent guides: Follows these Chamber’s Utilities Tips to Rank Up Fast in Valorant

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Chamber’s debut in Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 was spectacular, with the Sentinel Agent causing chaos on Future Earth with his fearsome weaponry. In most cases, he functions like a duelist, which sets him apart from other Sentinels. Chamber is the Noble Agent for you if you believe in your aim. We’ve put together the comprehensive guide to the French Sentinel, complete with an ability breakdown and some pointers on how to get the most out of him. Valorant Tips, Valorant Agent guides, Chamber tips, Valorant Chamber tricks, fast rank up in valorant, Valorant Chamber Skills

Chamber, unlike other Sentinels, has a more aggressive kit, making him more of a Duelist than his defensive counterparts. His Headhunter and Tour De Force alone provide him a lot of firepowers, allowing him to crush other Agents in defensive situations. As a result, it’s a good idea to always return a Rendezvous to a defensive position and save another for an emergency evacuation if Chamber kills an enemy and exposes his position.

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How to Maximise Output from Chamber’s Utilities:

Chamber Trademark – Valorant Agent Guides

Chamber has its own alarm bot in the form of Trademark, similar to Killjoy’s Alarm Bot. This alarm bot is essentially a scanner with a 10-meter effective range and full 360-degree coverage. It has a countdown timer when engaged before unleashing a slow field that lasts roughly 9 seconds. To get the most out of Trademark, keep it out of the open, out of the packaging, and out of reach of penetrable walls.

Head Hunter
Head Hunter

Chamber gets a better Sheriff thanks to Headhunter. Each Headhunter bullet costs 100 credits, and you can only have eight at a time. There are several reasons why a Headhunter is far more powerful than a typical Sheriff. For starters, you can use down sights to improve accuracy. Headhunter additionally deals 159 damage regardless of distance if you manage to get a headshot. Sheriff, on the other hand, only deals 145 damage from a distance of 50 meters.


Chamber’s ability to place two teleport anchors is known as Rendezvous. You can reactivate this skill when you’re within range of an anchor to quickly teleport to the other anchor. Anchors can be retrieved and repositioned. The distance between the anchors, on the other hand, is limited. As a result, you must be inventive.

You can employ Rendezvous at two safe spots on a site when defending. Put one anchor in Heaven and the other in Hell, for example. This will take the opposing team off guard, especially if you get a kill and teleport to the opposite end of the anchors. Chamber can attach an anchor at a safe spot and grab one from where he wants to peep when attacking. Chamber should be able to get a hit and teleport before the enemy can hit him back.

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Tour De Force
Tour De Force

Chamber’s Tour de Force ability grants him a free sniper rifle that is far more powerful than the Operator. If you manage to hit a target (regardless of where they are hit), Tour de Force will provide you with a free kill. Tour de Force also has a higher velocity than standard Operator, and it’s comparable to Marshal in that it allows you to quickly scope. This weapon, however, only has five bullets and is not reloadable. When peeking with Tour de Force, you can utilize Rendezvous to teleport to a safer area after making your shots. Rendezvous can be employed for a considerably more aggressive playstyle when attacking. For instance, one anchor can be placed strategically at the back and the other in the front. After peeking, Chamber can teleport back, similar to how Jett’s Tailwind works.

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