Valorant Episode 6 Act II Introduces New Agent Gekko Along With Trailer and Other Details


Riot is always working towards giving more to the players, whether it is through new content, maps or even Agents. Lately we have seen a lot of new introductions to the game, such as the Indian Agent, Harbor and the Lotus map. With Valorant Episode 6 Act II, players will see the introduction of another Agent to the game and this time the character hails from Los Angeles.

Yes, that is right, Valorant is bringing a new Agent called Gekko to their vibrant roster. In order to commemorate this occasion, Valorant has released a new trailer for the character, which explains a bit about his personality, as well as hints towards his gameplay style.

The brand-new trailer sees Gekko riding on his skateboarding along the streets of Los Angeles, shooting some hoops and getting his chores done with the help of his adorable yet deadly critters. Towards the end we see Reyna appear, taking Gekko under her wing and teaching him the ropes of Valorant.

Gekko Abilities

Gekko takes the help of creatures that are stored in his fanny pack. The abilities themselves have been named after the creature that performs them. On top of that, Gekko is also able to collect orbs and retrieve his abilities after they are expired. Check out the list of Gekko abilities in Valorant below and learn more about them here:

  • Dizzy: E
  • Wingman: Q
  • Mosh Pit: C
  • Thrash: X

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