Valorant: Indian streamer SeLFlo commits suicide, posts message on Twitter, CHECK DETAILS

Valorant: In recent times, the Valorant community has been growing exponentially across the globe. With new elements being added to the game…

Valorant: In recent times, the Valorant community has been growing exponentially across the globe. With new elements being added to the game frequently, Riot Games has found a dedicated fan base across the countries. The Valorant community in India has also seen a steady rise with several professionals and streamers taking an active part in the proceedings. However, a recent tragic incident has come up. Popular Valorant streamer from the country, SeLFlo has ended his life. He has also left a grieving message for his fans and the community through Twitter.

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In the last decade, the Indian esports sector has undergone significant changes. The country has experienced the esports boom and of late, gaming has become a career choice for many young enthusiasts. While the world of gaming offers significant opportunities to shine and earn money, there are several negative aspects as well. Several gamers across the world have come out openly stating their issues related to mental health and depression. While other countries are way too open regarding these issues and treat them like any other health issue, the situation in India is still very conservative. Mental health issues still go unnoticed and hence tragic incidents such as the recent one are way too common.

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Valorant: SeLFlo’s last words leave everyone unsettled

The untimely demise of any person is heart-wrenching. It is even bigger an issue when someone decides to end his own life. SeLFlo was suffering throughout his life, and when it became unbearable, he decided to take such a step.

In his last message, SeLFlo has written about the traumas that have been haunting him since childhood. He has been physically abused, and mentally tormented ever since he was in school. The anguish that he has carried for so many years finally came crumbling down.

The streamer revealed:

I’ve suffered all my life, beginning childhood till now. And it’s time i part ways with the world, for i can no longer bear being stuck in this loop of depression,sadness & anger anymore. I can no longer be part of this ‘experiment’ from whoever designed this universe.

The entire message is extremely long and filled with instances where he describes how he has suffered throughout the years.

Those who want to read and understand in detail his issues can access the message from here. However, it should be noted that the note contains stories of trauma and suffering. Therefore users are advised to access the message at their own discretion.

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