Valorant Mobile Might Not Launch in 2023


Global Esports’ founder and CEO Rushindra Sinha has claimed that Valorant Mobile, Riot Games’ highly anticipated mobile FPS title will not launch in 2023. Sinha has indicated that the game is currently in the development stage and has made significant progress, however, Riot Games appears to be primarily focused on Valorant PC. While an open beta test may occur in the present year, Sinha expects a full release to happen no earlier than the following year.

Sinha claims Valorant Mobile will not release in 2023

In a recent livestream, Sinha shared that, according to Riot Games, the game would not launch anytime soon, specifically not in 2023. “This is an exclusive leak of Valorant Mobile, happening right here, right now. This is coming straight from Riot – Valorant will take time. Don’t expect it this year. Next year? Maybe. But as of right now, Valorant Mobile will take time,” he said.

Sinha explained that while Valorant Mobile is in development and has come a long way, the primary focus of Riot Games is still on Valorant PC. “Their (Riot Games’) primary focus is Valorant PC. Valorant Mobile game will come; it is in development, has come a long way, and is going well, but it may not be ready for release this year. Next year, chances are a lot higher,” he added.

Although Sinha claimed that the final launch of Valorant Mobile would not happen this year, he stated that Riot Games might launch an open beta test for the game this year. “There is a possibility that there might be an open beta test this year, but don’t expect the (final) release this year. If it happens, it will be next year,” he said.

In June 2021, Riot Games announced that it was bringing the long-awaited popular first-person tactical shooter Valorant to mobile devices during the game’s first anniversary. The PC version of the game has gained a massive following from both casual and competitive players since its initial release, and Riot Games hopes to replicate this success in the mobile gaming market. With such a popular and thrilling game coming on mobile devices, the mobile gaming community is all hyped-up and thrilled about its launch. However, the exact launch date is still unknown.

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