Valorant: Orangutan Gaming Announces Their Lineup for 2023 Competitions Including Antidote, Rawfiul, Tesseract and More

Riot Games knows how to infiltrate the esports market, they are behind one of the most-watched esports games of all time, League of Legends. They then went to introduce Valorant, which won the Esports Game of the Year accolade at The Game Awards 2022.

Valorant has become quite a sensation in India as we see players from across the country participate in various competitions for the title, all over the globe. The popularity has also increased due to the inclusion of an Indian Agent and now an India-themed map.

Orangutan Gaming, one of popular esports teams for India, has just announced its roster for the competitions coming up in 2023. As spotted by AFKGaming, the new line-up includes a mix of three players from India and two from the Philippines. Orangutan Gaming’s 2023 roster includes the following players:

  • Rawfiul: Akram Virani
  • RvK: Rishi Vijayakumar
  • Antidote: Sabyasachi Bose
  • tesseract: Jm Ignacio
  • azys: Azis Nadang

The team also posted an announcement on Twitter, where it stated that after a year filled with “ups and downs,” the time has arrived for them to be “ready to fight the battle.” This comes from a disappointing 2022 competitive season, but it seems that the team is looking forward towards what’s in store for them in the year of 2023.


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