Valorant: Riot Games and Grid Esports Unveil Data Portal for In-Depth Stats About VCT Matches and More


Valorant developers Riot Games and in-game data platform Grid Esports has launched a new platform called Valorant Data Portal.

The new portal will become a one-stop solution for players looking to gain data from Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) matches and even private scrims. The one-of-a-kind platform has been built by Grid Esports, who has developed data-driven infrastructure and platforms for many of its partners including Krafton, PUBG Studios, PGL, The International and more.

Check out the new Valorant Data Portal

The automated platform serves as a new way for the 30 partnered Valorant teams to obtain information about opposing teams. With the Valorant Data portal, teams can derive in-depth stats from VCT matches. Furthermore, they can even use the platform to gain data from private scrims that teams hold as practices before major tournaments.

This data will be valuable for teams looking to evaluate talent in their own rosters, as they look to find and eliminate weaknesses in their squads. It also works as a major solution to decode talents present in other teams, as organisations look around the league for players that can improve their squad.

The Valorant Data Portal showcases Riot Games’ interest in strengthening its esports side of things. With the arrival of a new 30 team strong league, the developers will hope to bring a new era of Valorant esports, and fans are quite excited about its prospects.

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