Valorant skins: bundles, prices, tiers, and more

Valorant skins: Araxys

What Valorant skins are currently available? If you want to play Valorant in style, then chances are you’ve had your eye on new Valorant skins for a while. But if you haven’t, and you’ve simply arrived at this here page with green, envious eyes after playing with a teammate’s Glitchpop Vandal, then don’t worry, we understand – we get jealous too.

There’s something so alluring about roaming about the Valorant maps with a weapon skin. While they’re just digital pieces of artwork slapped onto a weapon of your choice, finally getting a chance to take down that Jett that’s been destroying you every single round of your Valorant ranked game with a fancy animated skin is just glorious.

So if you’re here to work out which Valorant skin you’re going to spend your hard earned cash on, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about Valorant skins, including how to pick them up, how much they’ll set you back, and what you’ll need to do over time to upgrade them.

How can I buy Valorant skins?

Valorant skins can be bought only from either the in-game store, or the Valorant Night Market when it rolls around. A collection of the latest skins will be placed in the spotlight for a week or so, but individual skins are refreshed every single day.

You can also earn some free Valorant skins through the game’s battle pass. These are refreshed with every Act, so make sure you check out each and every tier to see what you can pick up over the course of your Valorant ranked journey.

Valorant skins price

If you’re looking to kickstart your Valorant skins collection, there are a couple of things you should know. Firstly, the skins are priced in tiers and secondly, the top tier can set you back a fair amount.

Here’s what the Valorant skins tiers currently look like:

Single skin:  875 VP (~$10 / £7)
Bundle: 2,930 VP (~$34 / £24) / 3,500 VP (~$41 / £29)
Single skin 1,275 VP (~$16 / £11)
Bundle: 5,100 VP (~$62 / £44)
 Single skin: 1,775 VP (~$23 / £16)
Bundle: 7,100 VP (~$82 / £59)
Single skin: 2,475 VP (~$30 / £21)
Bundle:  9,900 VP (~$119 / £86)
Single skin: price varies
Bundle: price varies

While you might be buying a single skin or a bundle of skins, it’s worth knowing that every Valorant skin comes with its own animations, sound effects, and sights. Some can even be upgraded over time, giving you a chance to change the appearance of a weapon.

To do that though, you’ll need to spend Radianite Points – a type of currency you can earn through completing set Battle Pass challenges or through exchanging Valorant Points. Once you have enough RP to upgrade your weapon (this usually costs 10/15 RP per tier), you can head to Collection, select the weapon you wish to upgrade, and select the tiers on the right hand side.

Before you commit to the upgrade though, it’s worth checking out each and every tier since they change your weapons in different ways. Some will change the colour of the gun and others will change the animations.

All Valorant skins currently available

Not sure what to spend your money on? Choice paralysis is a real thing. Hopefully this list of all the Valorant skins currently available in the game, ordered from highest to lowest tier, will help you decide.

All Valorant skins by tier:

Exclusive Edition Valorant skins

Araxys (can be upgraded)

Available for:

Champions 2022 (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: Champions 2022

Available for:

Champions 2021 (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: the Champions 2021 Vandal and Melee

Available for:

Valorant skins: Chronovoid

Chronovoid (can be upgraded)

Available for:

Prelude to Chaos (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: Prelude to Chaos

Available for:

RGX 11z Pro 2022 (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: RGX 11z Pro 2022

Available for:

Singularity (can be upgraded)

A black and purple weapon skin emerging out of a nebula

Available for:

Sentinels of Light (can be upgraded)

Valorant's gold and white Sentinels of Light skins

Available for:

Ruination (can be upgraded)

Valorant's green Ruination weapon skins

Available for:

Spectrum (can be upgraded)

The full Spectrum Skin bundle can be seen.

Available for:

Ultra Edition Valorant Skins

Elderflame (can be upgraded)

A gun that looks and moves like a dragon

Available for:

Protocol (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: the Protocol skin line

Available for:

Premium Edition Valorant skins

Blast X (can be upgraded)

A series of guns that are meant to look like nerf guns

Available for:


A Celestial-inspired gun skin

Available for:

Crimsonbeast (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: Crimsonbeast

Cryostasis (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: Cryostasis

Available for:

Doodle Buds (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: Doodle Buds

Available for:

EGO by Onetap (can be upgraded)

A white, black, and gold skin for three guns, a pistol, and a knife

Available for:

Forsaken (can be upgraded)

A green and wild looking gun skin for a series of weapons in Valorant

Available for:

Glitchpop (can be upgraded)

An anime style gun with purple, blue, and pink tones

Available for:

Glitchpop 2.0 (can be upgraded)

Anime-style skins for Valorant guns in neon colours

Available for:

G.U.N. (can be upgraded)

A series of futuristic green guns with a space scene behind them

Available for:

Ion (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: Ion

Available for:

Ion 2.0 (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: Ion 2.0

Available for:

Magepunk (can be upgraded)

A steampunk inspired gun skin for Valorant

Available for:


Valorant guns with a nebula inspired gun pattern

Available for:

Neptune (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: Neptune

Available for:

Oni (can be upgraded)

A red gun skin shrouded in green smoke

Available for:

Oni 2.0

Valorant skins: Oni 2.0

Available for:

Origin (can be upgraded)

Green and gold skins with circles on them

Available for:

Prime (can be upgraded) 

White, gold, and black guns from Valorant

Available for:

Prime 2.0 (can be upgraded)

Blue, gold, white, and purple gold guns

Available for:

Radiant Crisis

1681170814 475 Valorant skins bundles prices tiers and more

Available for:

Reaver (can be upgraded)

Purple and gold guns

Available for:

Reaver 2.0 (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: Reaver 2.0

Available for:

Recon (can be upgraded)

Valorant's Recon skin line

Available for:

RGX 11z Pro (can be upgraded)

Valorant's RGX 11z Pro skins

Available for:

Soulstrife (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: Soulstrife

Available for:

Sovereign (can be upgraded)

White and blue ornate guns with a gold pattern

Available for:

Spline (can be upgraded)

A black sniper rifle that looks like it's made out of black rope

Available for:

Tethered Realms (can be upgraded)

Weapons with a green skin showing another world

Available for:

Valorant GO! Vol. 1

Comic-inspired guns that are blue, purple, and pink

Available for:

Valorant GO! Vol. 2

The Valorant GO! Vol. 2 skinline

Available for:


Valorant skins: Xenohunter

Available for:

Deluxe edition Valorant skins


Valorant skins: Abyssal

Available for:


An intricate gold pattern on white and black guns

Available for:


An icy looking skin for a Valorant gun

Available for:


Weapon skins inspired by the sun set and clouds

Available for:

Kohaku and Matsuba

Valorant skins: Kohaku and Matsuba

Available for:

Luna (can be upgraded)

Valorant skins: Luna

Available for:


Valorant's Minima weapon skin line - sharp black lines with white details

Available for:

Nunca Olvidados

Valorant skins: The Nunca Olvidados (Day of the Dead) skins

Available for:


A blue and purple gradient skin for Valorant guns

Available for:


A Japanese-inspired pattern on a Valorant Vandal white gun

Available for:


Valorant skins: Sarmad

Available for:

Team Ace

Valorant skins: Team Ace

Available for:


Valorant skins: Tigris

Available for:


Valorant skins: Titanmail

Available for:


Wasteland guns that look like they've been strapped together with tape

Available for:

Winter Wunderland

Guns that depict a christmas scene, complete with snows and alpine trees

Available for:

Select Edition Valorant skins


A white gun with green geometric patterns

Available for:


Valorant skins: Endeavour

Available for:


A red and grey gun that has a white bunny rabbit running on it

Available for:


World War Two looking guns for Valorant

Available for:


Guns with clear red and silver lines

Available for:

Prism II

Pink Valorant guns with black outlines and mags

Available for:


Valorant skins: Reverie

Available for:


A white, blue, and red weapon skin for a Valorant Ares gun

Available for:


A colourful set of Valorant guns with waves and lines shooting off them

Available for:


Guns that look like they're firing out electricity

Available for:

Episode 1, Act 1 Battle Pass skins


A black gun with blue neon trimmings

Available for:


A white gun with grey and black swirly lines

Available for:


A black, white, and gold sub-machine gun

Episode 1, Act 2 Battle Pass skins


A white knife with a purple hilt

Available for:


An orange and grey gun depicting a orange fox

Available for:

Red Alert

A red sniper rifle with a black barrel and a white butt

Available for:

Episode 1, Act 3 Battle Pass skins


A white purple and pink geometric skin for a Valorant shutgun

Available for:


Jade coloured guns with gold trimmings

Available for:


A regal looking gun in black, gold, and red

Available for:

Episode 2, Act 1 Battle Pass skins


A purple sniper rifle that looks like it's been graffitied

Available for:


A dark green gun with gold and black bits

Available for:


A yellow silenced pistol with a green liquid substance in the barrell

Available for:

Episode 2, Act 2 Battle Pass skins


Brown and black guns

Available for:


A green geometric gun skin with a frog on it

Available for:

Prism III

Gold and black pistol

Available for:

Episode 2, Act 3 Battle Pass skins


A green gun with a gradient block pattern

Available for:


A silenced pistol with an underwater skin theme

Available for:


An ornate white and brown gun

Available for:

Episode 3, Act 1 Battle Pass skins


A green metallic gun depicting Skye and her Valorant abilities

Available for:


Valorant K/TAC skins in black and pink

Available for:


Valorant Monarch skins

Available for:

Episode 3, Act 2 Battle Pass skins


1681170863 696 Valorant skins bundles prices tiers and more

Available for:


1669256022 63 Valorant skins bundles prices tiers and more

Available for:


1669256023 895 Valorant skins bundles prices tiers and more

Available for:

Episode 4, Act 1 Battle Pass skins

Valorant skins: Hydrodip skins
Available for:


Valorant skins: Schema skins

Available for:


Valorant skins: Velocity skins

Available for:

Episode 4, Act 2 Battle Pass skins

Divine Swine

Valorant skins: Divine Swine

Available for:

Lycan’s Bane

Valorant skins: Lycan's Bane

Available for:


Valorant skins: Striker

Available for:

Episode 4, Act 3 Battle Pass skins


Valorant skins: .SYS

Available for:

Coalition Cobra

Valorant skins: Coalition Cobra

Available for:

Hue Shift

Valorant skins: Hue Shift

Available for:

Episode 5, Act 1 Battle Pass skins


Valorant skins: Shimmer

Available for:


Valorant skins: Spitfire

Available for:

Task Force 809

Valorant skins: Task Force 809

Available for:

Episode 5 Act 2 Battle Pass skins

Premiere CollisionValorant skins: Premiere Collision

Available for:

Piedra del Sol

Valorant skins: Piedra del Sol

Available for:


Valorant skins: Immortalized

Available for:

Episode 5 Act 3 Battle Pass skins

Starlit Odyssey

Valorant skins: Starlit Odyssey

Available for:

Rune Stone

Valorant skins: Rune Stone

Available for:

Iridian Thorn

Valorant skins: Iridian

Available for:

Episode 6 Act 1 Battle Pass skins


Valorant skins: Venturi

Available for:

9 Lives

Valorant skins: 9 Lives

Available for:


Valorant skins: Gridcrash

Available for:

Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass skins


Valorant skins: Tilde

Available for:


Valorant skins: Topotek

Available for:


Valorant skins: Signature

Available for:

Contract skins

These skins have to be earned, rather than bought, and you’ll only unlock them by completing agent contracts. The guns you unlock are tied to a specific agent, giving you a nice bit of kit for your main characters.

The contract Valorant skins are as follows: 

There we have it, everything you need to know about Valorant skins, including how to buy them, how to upgrade them, and more. While you’re deciding which skins to buy, make sure you’ve got the best Valorant crosshair set up and that you’re up to date with the latest Valorant tier list and Valorant codes.


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