Valorant: Team Fallacy suspended from events following cheating allegations, Boyfriend steps in for pro-player during tournament

Valorant: In the last few years, the global esports scenario has changed drastically. With the significant inclusion of new teams, the formation…

Valorant: In the last few years, the global esports scenario has changed drastically. With the significant inclusion of new teams, the formation of new tournaments, and brand new sponsorships, competitive events have gained massive popularity. Despite such positive outbreaks, the esports industry has been criticized from time to time.

The rise of cheating, using unfair means to gain advantage and bypassing anti-cheat systems have showered the community with several negative comments. Recently, Team Fallacy has been accused of cheating during the Astral Clash events. As a result of which, Riot Games is conducting an investigation. As per recent reports, Team Fallacy has been suspended till the end of the investigation.

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To counter the use of unfair means in games, especially during competitive events, the developers have enrolled strict rules and regulations. To make the community a better place, these developers conduct independent investigations and can even hand over permanent bans in case the allegations are proved.

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Valorant: What exactly happened with Team Fallacy during the Astral Clash event?

During the Astral Clash event that was held from July 22- July 24, Team Fallacy was aiming to seal a berth in the finals. The event was an LCQ event for the finals which are going to be held in California. Team Astral is basically an all-female team and they were up against Dignitas.

The allegation against Team Fallacy is of letting someone else play under their name. The allegation is directed towards Mars Arxa. Apparently, it was her boyfriend, Nate ‘Payen’ Lopez who was playing under her account. During a pivotal part of the match, the gamer pulled out a 1v4 clutch and Ace and sailed Team Fallacy to secure a victory.

Shortly after, several sources compared the keybinds, screen resolutions, and frame rates to show the disparity between her usual statistics and the one which was evident during the match. The important information to be noted here is that Nate Lopez is a former pro player for TSM FTX and also showcases his games on streams. Furthermore, the night before the tournament, Team Fallacy players were seen playing with Lopez instead of Mars Arxa. All of these gave rise to the suspicions regarding account sharing and impersonation.

Following the allegations, Riot Games intervened to sort matters in a systematic method. Since the alleged team has been accused of a grave offense, they have been temporarily suspended from future events including the Astral Clash finals.

According to Riot Games’ policy, sharing of accounts is prohibited. Since it is a violation, it is expected that the team would be penalized. However, nothing can be confirmed unless Riot Games finishes off the investigation. The facts are already at the table and it seems to be a red signal for Team Fallacy. But in the end, it would be Riot Games who would decide whether to pin the nail to the coffin or revive their reputation.

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