Valorant Unveils Global Beta for New Team-Based Competitive Mode, Premier; All You Need to Know


Valorant has revealed some exciting news about its team-based competitive mode, Premier. The developers at Riot Games have confirmed that it will begin the mode’s global beta testing during Valorant Episode 6 Act III later this year. This comes months after the system’s Alpha test, which took place on Brazilian servers in 2022.

For those unfamiliar with Premier, it is Valorant’s answer to team-based competitive system in video games, much like Pro Clubs in EA Sports’ FIFA series.

The mode will allow players to squad up and build a team that will compete across divisions throughout an Act. Premier will feature weekly matches on designated maps that teams will have to take part in. If a team garners enough wins, they’ll be placed in a playoff tournament at the end of the Act, where they’ll earn a chance to be the top team in their particular skill division.

Premier will also be integral to the game’s Esports scene. As mentioned by Leo Faria, Head of Valorant Esports, the mode will soon be a path to VCT Challenger Leagues, as it will replace open qualifiers in the future. This will allow these teams to compete against the best, as they square off against organizations with professional players.

At the moment, the team at Valorant Esports continue to build the competitive model surrounding Premier. So, expect to hear more about in the coming months.

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