Valorant: VCT LOCK//IN Clocks In 5 Lakh Viewers; GodLike Esports Announces New Valorant Roster


Riot Games’ VCT LOCK//IN tournament in São Paulo has drawn in lakhs of viewers from around the world. The tournament’s first day garnered 538,000 viewers during the KOI vs. NRG opener, and day two got 467,000 viewers tuning in during Karmine Corp vs. FPX, according to data provided by Esports Charts.

These numbers are certainly impressive. Keep in mind that VCT LOCK//IN is a kick-off tournament, which has viewership numbers that are rivalling even the world championship. This is the first tournament of the year, which may indicate that future tournaments could bring in even more people.

GodLike Esports Announces New Valorant Roster

In other news, Indian esports organisation GodLike Esports has unveiled its new Valorant roster. The organisation revealed its line-up for the game and called it “the dream team” and asked fans to expect “epic matches and nail-biting moments.”

This is not the first time GodLike Esports has entered into the competitive Valorant scene. The organisation had a roster earlier, which was active until September 2021. This time, the squad consists of hikkA, Zey, Karam1L, Rexy and Astro. Rexy was a member of GodLike Esports before, and moved to Enigma Gaming when the team disbanded. hikkA was also a member of Enigma Gaming before.

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