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Valorant Will Not Work on Select Windows 10-Powered Machines From Nov 24, 2022; Here Is All You Need to Know


A huge announcement comes from Riot Games related to Valorant, which will make many players head towards upgrading their system. Players already know that Valorant is only available on one platform and that is PC, but it has now announced that the game will not be compatible with select Windows 10 machines from November 28, 2022.

The reason provided by the developers is as follows; It seems that these older versions of Windows 10 machines, are not supporting Riot Games Anti-Cheat software, Vanguard. These Windows versions are no longer supported by Microsoft, so it makes it easier for cheaters to bypass certain security features which help keep the game safe. Check out the Windows 10 versions that will lose support from November 28, 2022, below:

Version Codename Build
1507 Threshold 10240
1511 Threshold 2 10586
1607 Redstone 14393
1703 Redstone 2 15063
1709 Redstone 3 16299

Players that are still running older versions of Windows 10, will receive reminders and alerts from Riot Games stating their ‘operating system will soon be out of date’. Players will have to update their Windows 10 installation to at least build 1803 to continue playing Valorant as they were before. Check out their official statement from the announcement below:

Starting November 28, 2022, VALORANT will no longer support older versions of Windows that are not fully compatible with Vanguard, VALORANT’s anti-cheat and security software. These versions of Windows are no longer supported by Microsoft, allowing cheaters to bypass certain security features that enable us to keep VALORANT safe.

Many players must be wondering about Vanguard at the moment. Vanguard is Riot Games’ custom game security software which helps keep the game safe from cheaters and other similar issues. The system not only helps with game safety and the safety of the player’s personal computer, it also works towards preserving the privacy of the players.

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