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Valorant’s Next Map Rumored to Be Set in India


The Indian Valorant scene received a major boost with the arrival of the game’s newest Agent in Harbor.

With the game’s latest Agent in Episode 5 Act III based in the subcontinent, developers Riot seems to be pushing for a major outreach with the title. And that push seems to involve the game’s next map as well.

For a while, the developers have provided tidbits about the popular FPS title’s ninth map. With the game’s story revolving around the Alpha and Omega Earth, it seems like the rumored ‘City of Flowers’ on Omega is a multiverse nexus, as mentioned by Brimstone in a Patch 5.09 voicemail.

Furthermore, a new range board also reveals the suspected location of City of Flowers to be somewhere in Southwest India.

At the moment, the developers haven’t revealed anything on how the map looks. However, just like the game’s previous map in Pearl, which was teased to be in Portugal, it seems like Riot Games might also be foreshadowing about the next location being in India, and it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

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