Video Games: Here Are Some of the Best Titles Set to Release in December 2022

The Callisto Protocol: Developers Striking Distance Unveil PC Spec Requirements for Upcoming Horror Title

Dive into this first-person shooter survival horror game on December 1.

Be a part of one of the most impressive Marvel teams on December 2.

Get your horror fix from the Deadspace developer on December 2.

Players can get their adrenaline fix on December 2, through Need for Speed: Unbound.

Not a completely new game, but a whole bunch of new Mario Kart content to try out on December 7.

Immerse yourself into this prequel title on December 13. 

Try out this wacky shooter/space explorer by the creators of Rick and Morty on December 13.

Experience Geralt and the Continent in 4K HDR on December 14.


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