[WATCH] Ahankar Aa Jata Hai' Virat Kohli's Honest Admission to PM Narendra Modi on His Poor Form During T20 World Cup Goes Viral


Indian cricket star Virat Kohli engaged in a frank discussion with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, revealing his personal struggles during the T20 World Cup 2024 campaign. Kohli spoke openly about how he had to overcome his own ego to perform effectively, despite India ultimately winning the tournament. Reflecting on his journey, Kohli highlighted moments where he found himself challenged but managed to contribute significantly when it mattered most.

During the interaction, Virat Kohli expressed gratitude for the opportunity to discuss his experiences, acknowledging the pivotal role played by his conversations with coach Rahul Dravid in boosting his confidence during crucial matches.

He recalled a particularly memorable moment from the final against South Africa, where he rebounded from initial difficulties to make a significant impact with the bat.

Speaking on his struggles, Kohli admitted, “I felt pushed into a zone I couldn’t explain,” underscoring the personal growth and sacrifices necessary for the team’s success. He also touched upon the impact of his performance on his family, noting logistical challenges due to time zone differences that affected communication with his mother.

Towards the end of the conversation, Virat Kohli reflected on the importance of humility in sportsmanship, stating, “When you respect the game, it respects you back.” The discussion with PM Modi also included insights from other team members such as Rohit Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah, who shared their perspectives on key moments during the tournament that led to India’s victory.

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The meeting with PM Modi served as a moment of reflection and celebration for the Indian cricket team, highlighting their journey to success in the T20 World Cup and the personal challenges overcome by individual players in their pursuit of excellence on the international stage.