[WATCH] Amravati Auto Driver's Fluent English Stuns Internet, Video Goes Viral


Social media users are applauding an auto driver from Amravati, Maharashtra, for his exceptional English-speaking abilities.

A viral video showcases the driver conversing fluently in English, urging people to learn the language to travel to destinations like “London, America, and Paris.”

The clip, shared on Instagram, features a passenger recording the driver from the back seat. As the video gained traction, netizens were taken aback by the driver’s proficiency. The video’s caption reads, “Even I was stunned and stuttered a bit while speaking to him, to my surprise, seeing his fluency in English.”

A text in the video notes, “Today, I met a very astonishing gentleman who is an auto driver. We had a fun conversation, but it was surprising to see his fluency in English and his efforts to encourage others to learn this interesting language.”

The auto driver emphasized the significance of learning English by giving an example: “If you are in London and ask a waiter for a glass of water in Marathi, the waiter will ask you to leave. That is why I am telling you, learn English, speak in English. It is an international language.”

Since its release on June 25, the video has amassed over three million views and numerous comments.

Watch viral video here:

One commenter remarked, “India is not for beginners.” Another added, “Nice.” A third person commented, “Wow, amazing.” Many compared the driver’s eloquence to that of former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.


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