[WATCH] Armaan Malik Slaps Vishal for Admiring Kritika; Fans Outraged by Violence, Demand Justice


Armaan Malik, along with his wives Payal and Kritika Malik, has attracted significant attention since their entry into the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house. Initially, viewers were intrigued by their unique family dynamics, but some have strongly opposed their practice of polygamy. For those unfamiliar, polygamy is a marriage practice where one person has multiple spouses.

Armaan Malik Slaps Vishal Pandey for Admiring Kritika Malik

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A clip recently released by Jio Cinema shows Armaan Malik confronting Vishal Pandey for admiring his second wife, Kritika, inappropriately. Despite Vishal’s attempts to clarify that he only found Kritika attractive and had no ill intentions, Armaan refused to listen. Lovekesh also tried to mediate, but the situation escalated. Armaan allegedly slapped Vishal during the heated exchange, and other housemates had to restrain Armaan to prevent further violence. Vishal, visibly upset, questioned how Armaan could hit him.

Netizens Condemn Violence, Demand Armaan Malik’s Eviction

The video sparked outrage online, with many condemning Armaan’s actions. Commenters argued that Armaan misunderstood Vishal’s words, with some calling for Armaan’s eviction from the show due to his violent behavior.

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Bigg Boss OTT 3 Weekend ka Vaar Guest List
According to a recent Jio Cinema promo, Payal Malik and Shivangi Khedkar will be guests on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Shivangi will criticize Chandrika for spreading false narratives about Sai, while Payal will confront Vishal over his intentions towards Kritika.

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