[WATCH] Badshah Reveals His Fan Once Asked For a Selfie When He Was in the Washroom, Video Goes Viral.


Renowned singer Badshah recently recounted a shocking yet amusing story involving a fan’s unusual request to take a selfie with him while he was in the washroom. This anecdote was shared during his appearance on Kapil Sharma’s popular Netflix show, The Great Indian Kapil Show.

In a recent promo for the show, viewers can see music artists Badshah, Divine, and Karan Aujla as guests. Kapil Sharma, known for his witty humor, kept the audience in splits with his playful banter. At one point, Kapil teased Karan Aujla about whether he was prepared to shoot a music video with a real tiger, leading to a hilarious exchange about outrunning the animal.

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The highlight, however, came when Kapil asked the artists about the weirdest places fans had asked for selfies.

Kapil humorously questioned Karan if he genuinely believed he could outrun the tiger and save himself. Badshah then confessed he felt a bit frightened by the idea, prompting Kapil to joke that he should be more afraid since he has larger ‘leg pieces.’ In the same clip, Kapil asked the music artists about the strangest places fans had requested selfies. Badshah’s response left everyone stunned and amused when he shared that a fan once asked for a selfie while he was urinating, causing the audience and the show’s participants to burst into laughter. Badshah’s response left everyone laughing.

Watch the video here:

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The show, with its mix of humor and celebrity anecdotes, continues to entertain viewers, providing a unique glimpse into the lives of famous personalities.

Kapil Sharma’s Netflix show has been a hit, captivating audiences with its humor and exclusive celebrity stories. The latest episode’s promo, featuring Badshah and his fellow artists, promises more laughter and entertaining moments.

Badshah’s Personal Life and Speculations

In other news, speculation about Badshah’s personal life has been a topic of interest. Last year, rumors circulated about his relationship with Pakistani actress Hania Aamir after she posted photos with him on Instagram. Despite the rumors, Hania clarified that they were just friends.

Moreover, last year’s Diwali saw rumors about Badshah dating Mrunal Thakur, which were also dismissed. For those unfamiliar, Badshah was previously married to Jasmine, and they have a daughter named Jessemy. The singer has often expressed the joy and transformation fatherhood brought into his life.

Badshah's daughter, JessemyBadshah's daughter, Jessemy

To catch all the fun and candid moments, watch the full episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show on Netflix.