[WATCH] Hina Khan Bravely Cuts Her Hair Amid Cancer Battle, Comforts Emotional Mother


Hina Khan, currently battling stage 3 breast cancer, has chosen to cut off her hair before it starts to shed due to her treatment. In a heartfelt video posted on her Instagram, Hina is seen getting her hair cut while consoling her tearful mother. Along with the video, she shared an inspiring message for women facing similar challenges.

Hina Khan Shares Emotional Video of Haircut

Hina Khan, known for her role as Akshara in “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,” bravely documented her journey as she got her hair cut. The video begins with her hair being braided before it is cut off. Despite the emotional moment, Hina flaunted her new look with confidence and grace. Her eyes welled up with tears, adding a poignant touch to the clip.

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In the background of the video, Hina’s mother can be heard weeping. Hina, showing remarkable strength, comforted her mother by reminding her that it’s just hair, and it will grow back. She urged her mother to stay strong and take care of her health.

“Its just hair mumma, baal hai. Aap nhi cut karti ho. Aap kitna baar itna length kiya hai phir itne ayein hai, phir itna kiya hai. Mumma aapki tabiyat kharab ho jayengi.”

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Hina Khan’s Message of Strength and Resilience

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Hina accompanied the video with a powerful note, encouraging women who are fighting similar battles to stay strong. She emphasized the importance of taking tough decisions to win the fight against cancer. Hina revealed her decision to cut her hair to avoid the distress of seeing it fall out gradually. She expressed that her true crown is her courage and strength, and she plans to make a wig out of her own hair for this phase.

If you want to win you’ve got to take some tough decisions. And I choose to win. I have decided to give myself every chance possible to win this battle. I choose to let go of my beautiful hair before it starts falling off. I didn’t want to endure this mental breakdown for weeks. So, I choose to let go of my crown because I’ve realized my real crown is my COURAGE, my STRENGTH , and the love I have for myself. Aur haan.. I have decided to use my own hair to make a nice Wig for this phase.”

Hina’s friends and colleagues from the entertainment industry have shown their support, praising her bravery and strength. They have sent her messages of encouragement as she continues her fight against cancer.

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Wishing Hina Strength and Recovery

We wish Hina Khan all the strength as she bravely fights this disease.

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