[WATCH] Kiara Advani Finally Reacts To Getting Trolled For Singing On Indian Idol


Kiara Advani, one of Bollywood’s leading actresses, is renowned for her impeccable style, acting talent, and stunning looks. Married to her longtime boyfriend, Sidharth Malhotra, Kiara recently opened up about being mocked for her singing on the reality show, Indian Idol 12, where she and Sidharth appeared to promote their film, Shershah. During her appearance, Kiara sang a few lines of “Raatan Lambiyaan,” but her performance was widely trolled.

Kiara Addresses the Trolls

Kiara Advani Finally Reacts To Getting Mocked For Singing On Indian Idol, 'Sid Told Me You've Guts'

In a recent meet-and-greet celebrating her ten years in Bollywood, Kiara wore a chic white pantsuit with a halterneck and cutout details. When a fan asked for singing career advice, Kiara candidly recalled her Indian Idol 12 performance, admitting it was not her best moment:

“Guys, I went to the Indian Idol Finale… Yes, it was so bad, I would never…”

A fan quickly interjected, praising her performance, to which Kiara expressed gratitude and revealed Sidharth’s supportive words. He admired her courage, telling her,

“You have guts. Grand Finale me tumne koshish kiya.”

Kiara humorously noted her surprise at her voice going off-tune:

“Thanks, you all are real fans because gaane ke baad Sidharth has told me, ‘You have guts. Grand Finale me tumne koshish kiya.’ I said, ‘Mujhe pata nahi that ki suddenly mera sur off ho jayega.’ So I understand.”

Kiara Advani’s Advice to Aspiring Singers

Kiara encouraged her aspiring singer fan to follow their heart and not be discouraged by her experience. She emphasized the importance of passion and shared her story to offer a light-hearted perspective:

“But then the thing is do it from your heart and that’s what matters, and you’re anyway a good singer. I am not trying to discourage you, I just wanted to share the experience with you guys.”

The video of Kiara addressing the incident garnered admiration online. Fans appreciated her handling of the situation with humor and grace. Comments included praise for her humility and the refreshing attitude of not taking herself too seriously.

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Watch the video here.

Kiara talks about her trolled Indian idol performance in her latest fanmeet event
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