[WATCH] Kritika Malik Reveals She Used To Steal From Tuesday Market, Video Goes Viral


Armaan Malik and his wives, Kritika Malik and Payal Malik, have been the center of attention in the third season of Bigg Boss OTT. Although Payal was evicted in the second week, Kritika and Armaan continue to make headlines. Recently, a video surfaced where Kritika confessed to stealing from weekly markets.

Kritika Malik Shares Her Past Stealing Experience

In an old clip from Bigg Boss OTT 3, Kritika recounted her experiences of stealing from weekly markets while sitting with Armaan and Vishal. She revealed that after the first successful attempt, she became more confident. Kritika shared:

“Aise karke haath nikala aur earrings ko nikaal liya aur aise karke jeb mein daal diya. Maine kaha yeh toh bada asaan hai. Mai toh chori karungi. Matlab mai toh expert ban gayi. Agli baar fir gayi, maine apni behen ko bola kya chahiye, kehti ‘clutcher’ aur apne mann ko bola kya chahiye lipstick. Lipstick li clutcher liya jeb mein daal liya. Fir aa gayi.”

Kritika further added that she frequented two to three weekly markets, stealing items until she was caught by a person who had seen her stealing before. She recounted:

“2-3 mangal bazaar mein jagah jagah jaati chori karke araam se aa rahi. Fir ek baar kya hua paise jeb mein the mere mai yun bheed mein se aise karke saaman utha rahi, ek bande ne mera hath pakad liya kehta, ‘Kya chahiye’. Maine kaha bhaiya vo clip chahiye, kehta maine tujhe pichli baar bhi chori karte hue dekha tha.”

Watch the Video Here!

Payal Malik Discusses Armaan Malik’s Second Marriage with Kritika

In an interview with India Today, Payal Malik clarified that Armaan has not converted to Islam for his second marriage. Armaan, a Jatt, and Payal, a Gujjar, discussed the legalities under the Hindu Marriage Act. Payal emphasized that she is Armaan’s legal wife and that Kritika’s marriage to Armaan is not legally recognized. She stated:

“Kritika and Armaan ji’s marriage is not legal. However, from what I know, if the first wife doesn’t have an issue with her husband marrying again, it’s not an issue.”

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