[WATCH] Mumbai Man Gets Brutally Trolled For Getting Tattoo Featuring 'Vada Pav Girl'


A man recently made headlines by getting a tattoo of Chandrika Gera Dixit, popularly known as Vada Pav Girl, on his arm. Her rise to fame began a few months ago when she gained attention on social media, leading to her participation in Bigg Boss OTT 3.

Since then, she has amassed a significant following, with numerous videos flooding social feeds. Some of her admirers are so dedicated that they express their admiration uniquely. Recently, one fan had her face tattooed on his arm, accompanied by the words ‘Bigg Boss winner’.

Tattoo artist Mahesh Chavan shared a video of this unique tattoo session on Instagram.

In the video, the man, deeply inspired by Vada Pav Girl, enthusiastically gets her portrait inked on his arm.

Have a look at the post:


The video sparked various reactions on social media, with some speculating about future cover-up plans post her potential exit from the show, while others expressed disbelief at the extent of his devotion.





Chandrika Dixit gained sudden fame after a video shared by food vlogger Amit Jindal showed her selling Vada Pav in Delhi’s Sainik Vihar area. Her story, including her son’s battle with dengue and her determination to run a food cart after leaving her job at Haldiram’s, resonated widely. Her popularity continues to soar, evident in her participation in Bigg Boss OTT 3 alongside other notable contestants.