[WATCH] Nagarjuna Meets Fan Pushed By His Bodyguards After Backlash, Netizens React


After facing significant backlash on social media, actor Nagarjuna has finally met with the specially-abled man who his bodyguards pushed at the airport. This incident had garnered a lot of attention and criticism online.

Nagarjuna Finally Meets Specially-Abled Man Who Was Pushed By His Bodyguards, Asks For Forgiveness

Nagarjuna recently found himself in the spotlight for an unfortunate incident at the airport. While leaving the airport with his entourage, one of his bodyguards pushed a differently-abled fan who was approaching Nagarjuna for a selfie. The incident sparked outrage on social media and prompted reactions from various celebrities.



Nagarjuna Meets Fan, Apologizes for Incident

Despite issuing an apology on Twitter, Nagarjuna faced continued criticism. In response, he met the differently abled fan at the airport on June 26, 2024, and posed for photos with him and others. Initially, Nagarjuna did not recognize the fan, but after being informed by the paparazzi, he hugged and posed with the fan.

The fan appeared to apologize, but Nagarjuna insisted it was not his fault, saying,

“Don’t be sorry. It was not your fault, it was our mistake.”

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The Viral Video of the Incident

A video showing the incident had gone viral, depicting Nagarjuna at the airport surrounded by his bodyguards. As a specially-abled fan approached him for a selfie, one of the bodyguards pushed the fan aside, causing him to stumble but regain his balance.

Nagarjuna’s Public Apology

The incident led to widespread disappointment among netizens, who expressed their anger in the video’s comment section. Nagarjuna responded with a heartfelt apology on Twitter, acknowledging the incident and promising to take precautions to prevent such occurrences in the future. He wrote,

“This just came to my notice … this shouldn’t have happened!! I apologize to the gentleman and will take necessary precautions so that it will not happen in the future!!”

Public Reaction to Nagarjuna’s Apology

Netizens had mixed reactions to Nagarjuna’s apology, with some criticizing him for not noticing the incident sooner, while others appreciated his sincere apology.

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