[WATCH] Payal Malik Cries Inconsolably After Receiving Backlash For Accusing Vishal


In the recent episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’, Payal Malik stirred controversy by accusing Vishal Pandey of having ill intentions towards her co-wife, Kritika Malik. Vishal defended himself, stating his comment about Kritika’s beauty was harmless. The accusation led to a heated argument where Armaan Malik ended up slapping Vishal. Payal has since faced significant backlash, causing her to break down in her latest vlog.

Payal Malik Faces Backlash for Comments on Vishal Pandey

The third season of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ has been embroiled in controversy, notably when Armaan Malik slapped Vishal Pandey. Physical violence is a serious rule violation in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. Amid this chaos, Payal has been criticized for casting Vishal in a negative light.

Her social media is flooded with comments supporting Vishal, with many pointing out that his remark, “Bhabhi sunder lagti hai, galat way mein nahi bol raha hoon,” was innocuous. In her vlog, Payal tearfully defended her actions, stating she believed she was protecting her family from Vishal’s alleged inappropriate intentions towards Kritika.

Mujhe sirf ap log itna bata do. Agar apni family ka stand lena galt hai toh, mai nahi lungi stand apni family ka. Mujhe laga vo Golu ke liye galat bol raha hai toh, mai ne waha ja kar bol diya.”

Payal said.

Payal Addresses the Backlash and Armaan’s Actions

Payal also addressed accusations that she was acting out of jealousy, emphasizing her motives were solely to defend her family. She lamented the hate directed at Armaan, saying,

“Aaj mujhe laga Vishal ki intention kharab hai toh mai ne stage par jaa kar bola. Mai ne kya galati kar di mujhe samjh nai aa raha. Ap log itna galat bola hai. Jo naye jude hai vo log itna hate de rahe hai Armaan ji ko kya kare hum marr jaye. Apni pori family ko khatam kar de jina chor de.”

A clip shared by Jio Cinema shows Armaan Malik confronting Vishal Pandey for allegedly ogling his second wife, Kritika. Despite Vishal’s attempts to explain himself, Armaan, in a fit of rage, slapped him.

What are your thoughts on Payal Malik’s perspective amidst the ongoing backlash?


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